Thursday, June 27, 2019

Externalizing failure

It's a pretty common thing amongst you humons to blame one's own failings upon external causes while blaming other's failures upon internal causes. I probably phrased that a little weirdly, but the jist of it is you were a shitty driver because you were tired or that idiot at work did something stupid (they're an idiot, after all) and you're upset about it. That other person is a shitty driver because they're just a huge asshole and bad person.

So, I'm kind of curious how a certain someone is going to externalize not clearing Bahumat Ultimate (barring some miracle) before Shadow Bringers?

The new tank? Didn't whatever the something like he should have? Should have been doing that other thing?

Would have cleared, but was spending too much time working on Ultima Weapon Ultimate? That sounds really stupid when you write it out, no wonder people call it UwU.

But there's just sooooooooooo many possibilities. I can't wait to see which it is. I really hope it's my fault.

Also, I was thinking I'd start writing here again. I wonder if Google still sends out sub emails? Let me know in the comments! Don't forget to smash that like button, dick tickle the bell icon, and Fed-Ex me patreons. I think the patreons are like bitcoins? I'm still working out the details.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Augmentable iLvl 119 weapons!

I had actually asked in LS chat if SE was going to modify the Oboro JSE weapons when they did REM(E?) ones this update, and it turns out they did!
The Augment adds Accuracy +50, Ranged Accuracy +50, and Damage Taken -5%. I'd have preferred instead Magic Accuracy +50 in place of the Damage reduction as the Shigi has Enmity -10 on it to start with which doesn't make it look like a tanking weapon.

Obviously, the Ranged Accuracy had to apply to Shuriken or whatever ranged you're using, but I was glad to see the Acc+50 applies to both hands. I can't wait to try it out.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

I beat the game!!

I've been back in FFXI for about two months now and tackled the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Missions. They're a nice end piece that really ties together all the expansions' storylines pretty well and it's obvious that some thought went into planning them.

Much thanks to Cleverness and Ica for helping me down the final boss in the BCNM earlier. I tried to take some screenshots, but I think Windower is broken again ("Can't convert screenshot to PNG"), so I don't have any. Here's Cleverness seen with his natural baby chocobo headgear.
I'm going to post some more stuff about what I've been up to and how the game has changed since I was last playing it and various thoughts on it in a few days.

The most notable for anyone who hasn't logged in in forever, like me, was Trusts/Alter egos which are basically a party full of NPC helpers you don't have to level based off of the game's NPCs.
They make soloing pretty much all level 99 and lower content laughably easy.

Also, Lion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The First 24

I installed the FFXIV Trial yesterday afternoon and hit level 20 Pugilist today. Impressions of the game so far are OK. It looks and runs pretty on my Geforce 970 and 120Hz monitor. I think this guy might be evil:
You can tell by the purple eye?

I did some run around the city exploring stuff I have to do in any RPG.
But something wasn't quite right.
Much better.

Everything's better with Subligar! I saved it even after its stats sucked.

I found a few subtle FFXI references:
And this one which I killed later.
No Quus were harmed in the make of that screenshot.

I liked the exploring and doing FATE (or whatever they were called similar to those Crystal War Era battles (I forget the name of those too, it's been soooo long since I played FFXI) and quests to level up. But I'm kind of curious as to how people get to the level cap in FFXIV. There were no XP parties as far as I could tell.
I didn't get a screenshot before logging for the night, but I found my way to the Lavender Beds where my old LS mates in Epic own a house. I walked/jumped on all the furniture a bit and went back outside. If any of them are reading this (Epic, Brim, Jam, Miah, Amey, etc) send me a /tell in-game. It would be a while before I could do more on my char than chat in LS, but I'm thinking of picking up at least the full game sans expansion if I've got friends to talk to. So I parked my butt outside there for the night.

I had a chaotic and pretty bad year or so of real life, but things are looking up and I've got some free time again for silly adventures.

I've thought about getting back into FFXI too, but I'm sooooo far behind in that from looking at the patch notes and stuff on that I wouldn't even know where to start. Monstrosity, Mog Gardens, tons of stuff that I'm not sure what is worth doing and what's Chocobo Raising or Pankration.

I didn't see what mages are using instead of Magian Staves +3 or 4 at this point, but my 85 Kannagi is less than half the DMG of the Katanas I assume people are using. But there's some way to get the WSes apparently? (I have a level 90 WoE H2H I could get to 99 pretty easily for Victory Smite too?) And I'm not sure how many people I would even know still playing.

Say 'hi' if you remember me and are still reading this I guess.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Are people still playing?

I still get FFXI emails and looked at crap does the new gear look amazing. Did they bump up gear Haste? None of the Wikis are updated anymore, so I couldn't tell just that there's a Black Belt practically in every slot for every melee character.

And is anybody still doing FF14? On a whim I'm grabbing the PC demo of it. Is it a fair assessment that they dumped the original Classes system for the newer (old) Jobs system?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lost Posts? And a prediction...

Did Blogger lose a crapload of my posts here? I could have sworn I had two or three newer ones. There's only one saved as a draft, but there should be at least two others if they're not showing up here.

A BGFF prediction: Late? (BGFF meaning something different than what Urban Dictionary lists it as.)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm drunk with power! (And also beer, probably?)

I came up with about two dozen alternate post titles that were equally stupid and uninforming, but I went with this one. The others were probably a lot worse, so you're welcome.

I've been playing FFXI again off and on again lately. The Seeker's expansion seems light on story so far and they seem to be doing a WotG slowly rolling it out thing again. I really enjoyed the WotG story, when I finally played through it, (bring an Ochain PLD and Bravura WAR) and the finale nearly brought a tear to my eye. The Bastok Fire in the Hole mission can still suck my ass though.

I have no idea what my point was, but the whole Delve weapons being 2x stronger than anything that's existed before, huge Acc+ and Att+ things on armor, and basically all of my friends having quit the game (no one's reading this, right?) make it kind of like I'm playing FF12 almost. Minus the bunny ladies.

So I've been doing my H2H WoE weapon. My last post was about that and I figured I'd just spam the shit out of Dawn Mulsums and solo it on PUP. Which was mostly doable, I think, but I'd need about 40 per kill and I did farm 100+ White Honeys to make them. Then the F. Animator came out this update. It's basically like the Alternator which came out last update and jacks your Automaton's stats by +47 to some other larger number (based on maneuvers) which I don't remember.

So yeah. Throw in the Elemental Magic change (I don't know if it matters for this or not.) and you've got a brick wall of a tiny robot friend that kills shit with scissors. I'd been messing about on Summoner mostly since starting to play again and I've been enjoying PUP even more.

I also killed this thing because I popped it accidentally.
It netted me a pitiful amount of EXP and a neck piece I would never deliberately use. With Shoggoth dead a bunch and that blob monster also dead it was fly time.

That also died a bunch of times and with the exception of one kill which involved me kiting it/fleeing in cowardly terror in an embarrassing manner I'm glad nobody saw it went pretty smooth.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Picking up where I left off... making a Coin H2H and /stab Shoggoth

Merry Tuesday, everyone!

Back when I quit Abyssea was still all the rage, but people had also figured out how Voidwatch worked and it was getting pretty popular. I did a bit, but never got too into it really. I'd been spamming Walk of Echoes on Summoner to get the 30 Coins of Advancement I'd need to get a Coin H2H weapon if I didn't get the Chloris and whatever other NM needed for a Verthy.

But since I stopped playing the Coins are no longer Ex and the Devious Dies won't run you 200 million Gil, so all that stood in the way was the VNMs. The first was Shoggoth, so I went VNM hunting.

It could have gone better. I don't have a screenshot of my first attempt as Monk, so here's a picture of my second one on PUP.
Pictured: Things not going as planned.
Yeah. I failed pretty miserably.

I had asked on BG if it was soloable and told that if I had the amazingly broken and overpowered Alternator it's extremely easy. I don't have an Alternator. So I came up with an alternative strategy: /shout and ask random strangers for help. I'm kidding, of course. I never do that. I'm anti-social or something. But I did, in fact, come up with an actual strategy.
You'll never guess what it was. I did a whole bunch of Synthing, which SE made a lot less time consuming by removing that stupid fucking delay between synths, and made lots of Repair oils and Dawn Mulsum.

My second attempt, again, ended in death. But I didn't lose. I learned something. The Wikis all mentioned that Shoggoth Chainspells every 20% of its health and hate resets. using the PLD-type Valoredge head and body and lots of defensive Attachments Bougrion couldn't be outright killed. But Bougrion also has a hard time keeping hate every Chainspell as Shoggoth makes a beeline for me. But Shoggoth only comes after me because I was using Repair every time it was up. So the easy solution is to just not do that. I also changed from /DNC, which had been completely useless, to /RDM so I could Cure IV myself from out of range as well as having Refresh to keep MP up and Shell to mitigate the magic damage I would almost certainly take.
I still ended up dying, but that's because I'd run out of Dawn Mulsums and had to use Repair. I think getting it down to that low on HP shows it's eminently possible.

So I can go two different ways with this:

1) The first is just stand back and burn through ~30 Dusk Mulsums and outlast Shoggoth.

2) The other is to use Repair to supplement the meds and rely on the Strobe attachment's Provoke when Chainspell goes off.

I think I'll probably just go with the safe route. The hardest part is probably going to be getting White Honey unless an NPC sells it now for a reasonable price. (Leave a comment if they do, please.)

So I'm just a few kills away from being able to finally Smite things mightily. :-D

UPDATE: And as I put this up I realized how completely safe and viable the second approach is: Ventriloqy. Just use it on Chainspell and Bougrion has hate again. A pathetically tiny amount, but hate nonetheless.

The Expansion

They should really show these splash screens more than once. They're pretty cool looking.
So as I mentioned earlier I finally got a copy of the Seekers expansion. As I've been out of the loop for quite a while I'm still not sure how all the new battle systems work yet. I tried to do a bit of Reive, but was alone and can't handle three Tough mobs at a time and can't pull a Campaign and pull the mob back far enough to avoid links. (I never did the pull a mob away and bore it to death dragging out the battle thing in Campaign. :-P)

I'd like to get into the events that drop those stupidly overpowered weapons. The /shouts on Cerberus are all insisting that you have "E/R/M/D" weapons. I've no idea if my 85 Kannagi counts or not. And I'm pretty sure I haven't done the prerequisites to be able to enter anyway. I need a boat first, I think?

As I've also already mentioned I unlocked GEO and RUN.
This woman is a terrifying lunatic. I can only imagine what horrifying shit the AF quests will entail.
If either job makes a useful subjob please leave a comment. my searches have only been discussion about what makes good subjobs for those two not the other way around. I'm not inclined to level any new jobs to 99 at this point. Having to Merit and gear up something from the ground up is too much of a time sink. Plus I'd rather focus on getting the uber level 99 stuff for my existing Jobs that I enjoy anyway. The idea of my Monk or Puppetmaster essentially dual wielding ~200DMG fists is kind of hilariously broken in a gloriously stupid and wonderful way.

Next time... Shoggoth!!!

(The bolded, italicized text makes it dramatic.)

Are you?

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