Thursday, May 31, 2007

3/8 and done!

I realized I still hadn't finished my Anrin Obi last night. The Anrin Obi makes dark elemental spells always take advantage of the chance to get a 10% bonus from being Darksday or having gloomy weather (Why hello thar Dynamis!). JP players discovered double dark weather gives a 25% bonus instead of 20% as had previously been believed. To get the Obi you need to kill a bunch of mobs in Sea until they drop organs that are the 'recipe' for the particular item you want. The list can be found here.

I already had 3 Xzomit Organs, 3 Luminian Tissues (well more, actually as they drop constantly now that I don't need them anymore), and 4 Aern Organs. So, let the great Aern massacre of 2007 begin!

I popped my Tavnazian Ring and headed on down to Sea. Right by the entrance I ran into a SMN from the LS I'm in. He was killing Aerns too because he wanted a Snow Gorget for his Samurai weapon skills. I declined to team up and went to wander around a bit to find more spawns rather than compete over them and have this take forever.

I saw another group that was fighting Aerns not far away, north of the Aural portal thingy, and towards the palace entrance. Two actually. And then a third joined the party. Being the wonderful guy I am, who wasn't really feeling like looking all over for more Aerns to kill, I stunned their third and gravitied it. Then nuked the hell out of it. (Did I mention I went to sea as Black Mage?) No organ. Not even more luminian tissues. My altruistic thoughtfulness was only rewarded with a {Thank you.} from the party in the auto-translate.

Not really knowing where more Aerns pop, I walked around a bit watching out for the usual Sea horrors like sharks and UFOs. After a bit of wandering I ended up east of the south tower used in one of the CoP missions. As it turns out there's a SMN, NIN, and PLD Aern that pop there. I killed the SMN and got an organ (5/7). Killed the others and nothing. A couple repops later and I was 7/7!

So, I walked back to the Auoral whatsit and returned to the Tavnazian Safehold to claim my sweet, sweet Anrin Obi! Which will be sooo cool in Dynamis and Apollyon...which I haven't done in a month now. A another subject for another post.

I had to get the other organs and tissues from my Mog Safe because I don't have much inventory space on me when I use my Sorceror's Ring with the equipment I carry to trigger the latent in addition to all my other crap. Unfortunately, the items were in my Mog Locker, not Mog Safe, so I had a nice Warp back to Whitegate and run all over before finally:
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I went back down and killed some more Aerns for the guy from my LS who was still there. The first dropped on the first kill. The second shortly thereafter.

We had a close call too I was /healing to recover MP, and he got caught with no avatar (and being /THF no real buffs). The 'Manafont + make it die now' strategy worked as expected.

The Aerns are only DCs anyway.

Now having ice, thunder, and dark elemental Obis, and a Breeze Gorget for Blade: Jin I think I'm done farming organs in Sea for quite a while.

Anyone know what people will buy H.Q. Xzomit Organs for on Hades server?

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