Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leveling Puppetmaster

The Treasures of Aht Urhgan (I wonder how badly I misspelled that?) expansion to FFXI added three new jobs. Blue Mage (BLU), which learns the abilities used by enemies and fires them right back at them. Corsair (COR), a pirate that shoots a six-barrelled handgun at enemies and has phantom rolls to buff party members. And Puppetmaster which has...a funny-looking puppet to follow you around.

BLU is a very powerful job. At lower levels playing it I was able to chain EM-VT enemies pretty easily. It's also one of few jobs that at higher levels can go head-to-head with VTs (using a /NIN, of course) and not find it's ass in the Delivery Box the next morning.

COR is highly desired because their dice rolls make the whole party a lot stronger, and with a B (or B+?) in Marksmanship they can do respectable damage as well.

PUP is highly "LOL"ed at. Shortly after the release the puppet wasn't great because there were few attachments that enhanced it available. And the masters subbed White Mage, stood back, and watched the puppet fight which didn't help much either. It's since gotten quite a few boosts, with more announced in the future. It's still the most crapped upon job in the game though, stealing that "crown" from lolDragoons.

So far I've gotten it to level 24. I'm about 3,000 EXP to 25. And I've been standing on the stairs in Port Jeuno keeping it real for about four hours. OK, so there isn't enough people on to make a party right now, but looking for a party still blows.

It's a fun job and with the Tier II attachments and some of the basic ones my puppet's damage combined with my own has lead the parties so far.* Once I get to 30 I can quest the final puppet frame, the Stormwaker, and try to skill up it's magic skills. Which are horribly underleveled from not using them...basically at all.

*My damage isn't so great when we have a retarded party with a powerleveler and a no-Provoke "tank." Because I'm forced to either have my puppet stand there looking pretty or get raped by an IT++ fish.

Particularly with the Ninjas who spam their craptastic elemental Ichi Ninjutsu.

Hojo: Ichi would slow the monster's attack speed substantially.

Kurayami: Ichi would make it miss quite a bit. (For the NIN and myself with evasion merits and the PUP Evasion Bonus.)

Elemental Ichi will do...well, basically nothing. It's pathetic on EP mobs when you learn it at 15, and it doesn't start suddenly being awesome at 19 or 22 on IT mobs without even wearing a freaking INT ring.

Seriously, stop it /NIN levelers.

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