Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More merits!!! And more!!!

Merit catagories expanded

Square-Enix announced this morning that they're expanding Combat & Magic skill merits from 12 to 20 and from 8 to 16 respectively!

I was currently setup for my NIN to be pretty pimped with a tiny bump to PUP & MNK with my combat skills capped at 8/8 Katana skill, 3/4 Evasion, and 1/8 Hand-to-Hand. Which is 12/12 for the group.

So, as I stand looking for a party on Puppetmaster and comptemplate giving up and trying to level MNK which people shit all over slightly less. Well, MNKs are widely recognized as beasts in EXP parties and on HNMs when properly geared and played, so I guess that makes them pretty much not shit on. But back to my merit conundrum.

In magic skill I had 6 Elemental Magic skill for my BLM and 2 Enfeebling Magic skill to boost BLM soloing (and RDM if I ever get around to leveling it).

I have problems sticking ninjutsu enfeebles on merit mobs quite a bit, but couldn't bump that up without hosing my BLM. Now I can go 6 Elemental, 6 Enfeebling, and 4 Ninjutsu.

Notsuppa and other juicy goodness

At the time I leveled BLM and SMN (my first two jobs to 75) I never planned to level a melee one. Then I decided to level RDM to 75 (still 38 to this day, the parties were the bad parties of legend), and wanted to have NIN to 37 for Utsusemi: Ichi and Ni.

So naturally, when I did the Divine Might BCNM I picked an Abyssal Earring as my reward. The INT +2 and Dark Magic skill +5 are the best stats on any of those earrings for a Black Mage.

However another possible reward, the Suppanomimi, has "Enhances Dual Wield" on it. Which makes a NIN or /NIN who is dual wielding weapons swing 5% faster. Which as a DoT job, is a huge deal. And when I dinged 75 on NIN around two months ago, I was destined never to have one.

But SE seems to be on a roll lately. This update it'll be possible to exchange my Abyssal Earring for a Suppa...somehow. People on BG speculate that it'll require doing the BCNM again. I'm really hoping not, but they could very well be right. At least there will be lots of people who want to do it again though if that is the case.

The update is on June 4th, so I'll just have to wait and see.

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