Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yay Suppa! Yay!

I went to DM with several of the people from the run right after the update again and a linkshell buddy.

We dropped all but the Elvaan and Galka on our first volley, and promptly received two weaponskills to the face killing us all. Well, the Tarutarus all died on the first weaponskill. Being slaughtered is always hilarious, so we reraised, raised all the people who didn't bother to bring any reraise items, and -ga3'd the Elvaan, Galka, and pet wyvern to death.

I haven't gotten to merit on Ninja yet since getting the earring, but testing on birds and spiders right outside town using Ninja Chainmail and Suppa I swing my katanas pretty damn fast. I think I'm next in line for a Byakko's Haidate now, so my Hundred Fists Ninja project is almost done.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Obtained: Light Ore

The never-ending saga of Evilpaul versus the Light Ore continues. I blew most of my gil to buy a Light Ore for the low, low price of 25o,ooo gil earlier today. Which isn't actually much more than it was about a month ago. I'd still have preferred to just redo the quest, but at least I'm over this hurdle.

I'm working on setting up a Divine Might run again on Hades this Monday at 9PM Eastern Time. Several LS people and friends have signed up. I'll try the other people I went with the last time as well. I don't think I have this set to require registration to post comments (and I can't even get spammers to post comments anyway. :-p), so if you're on Hades and interested feel free to comment. It looks like it'll be another BLM-onry one though.

The tree saplings I planted should be ready to harvest pretty soon, so I may get some elemental ores. I'm aiming for Earth Ores. I'm sure there will be a flood of Light Ores and I didn't want to sell off a bunch for 5ok each a week from now with everyone else.

So, if all goes well I'll have a shiny new Suppanomimi by Tuesday. I'm towards the front of the line for a Byakko's Haidate as well, and still have a Fomor Codex in storage, so Hundred Fists Ninja is getting closer and closer. :-D

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weekend Episode IV: A New Hope

The Beach!

I couldn't think of a good subject line/title thing. So sue me.

Had a fun three night, two day weekend down a friend's shore house. Spent a few hours out on the beach watching the waves. I have all the sun burn needed to prove it.

Did you know sun burn can "leak"? Yeah, me neither. So added to the list of bodily fluids known of by Evilpaul is sunburn leakage. Not red like blood or funky looking-smelling like pus. But clear and quick drying.

If it's new I'm making them name it after me.

Also, if you're applying sunblock, as all pasty white people should before going out in the sun, make sure you apply it to the backs of your hands. Unless you have a prehensile tail you probably applied it with the palms of your hands, but you may forget the back part. Which you could find yourself reminded of later on everytime you get something from your pockets.

An Octopus's Garden

As a of Square-Enix's Light Ore incident, I bought several tree saplings and cactus stems which can be grown into plants and harvested a month or so later. Ideally, you get an elemental ore that you wanted. But, in practice only 10-25% of the time does a plant yield an ore. Otherwise you get crystals, tropical fruits, rock salt, or worms. The tropical fruits usually cover the cost of the saplings. The other two are garbage consolation prizes. More insulting than saleable or functional, really.

One of the main things about gardening in FFXI is that you need to check your plants once every Earth day or they'll wither and die.

Being a few hundred miles away at the beach, I didn't do that.

So from early Friday night to late Monday night my moogle was on his own to raise my plants.

I had pretty much left them for dead, but logged into my mule character where they were being raised, and much to my surprise none were wilted stumps. I checked the tree saplings which were doing ok, and then the cactus stems. The cactus stems were to the point that they could be fed a crystal. Feeding a crystal largely determines what items they'll eventually yield at harvest. I fed them, and we'll see what happens now.

If I get a buttload of Light Ores I'll be quite happy. Somehow, I don't see that happening though.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fvcking Light Ore

You could say I'm a little angry. You could say that very loudly and break some things while you were doing it. You'd be getting warmer.

So, more than a month after teasing me with the possibility of changing my Abyssal Earring to a Suppanomimi, the patch was released, I dropped my earring, cleared DM (for the sixth time), and go to the fountain in Ro'Maeve. Where I'm told to get a Light Ore?

I Mijin Gakure on the nearest monster, homepoint, run to the Auction House...and they've gone from 140k to 850k in the past five minutes.

Even better yet, the Light Ore, if I could afford one, wouldn't even get me a new earring. It would get me a key item, so that I can try and clear Divine Might for the seventh time. Of course, to enter Divine Might I'd need to get an Ark Pentasphere, or find somebody else who has one. Which means I'd need an Illumiink which is a pain in the ass to get and piece of parchment.

But, I can't afford the Light Ore, so why fvcking bother?

Thank you SE!

The shitty armor you added this update was a little disappointing, as was the shitty new event Einherjar, but at least I don't have any Divine Might earring, or way to get one, anymore! Good job with that!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the really #@^&ing Stupid.

So, the update came out. We find out that you have to redo the Divine Might BCNM to get a new Earring. By far the hardest of the things to do because it takes 18 people, and a lot of coordination and skill. Unless you go with lots of Black Mages. Then it just takes reasonably competent people and a little luck.

And somebody usually dies anyway, but you get a cool reward, so they'll get over it.

Not being anywhere near a Full Moon, I wasn't sure when I was going to get to try and get a Suppanomimi to replace my Abyssal. I set my /search comment to say I wanted to do DM, that my Black Mage was level 75, that I had capped Thunder potency merits, and that I have a Sorcerer's Ring. Pretty much that I can do higher damage than 90% of the other Black Mages on the server, and if you are planning a DM run and looking for Black Mages I'm your man.

But really, "Evilpaul" is towards the beginning of the alphabetic /search listings, and you probably don't read comments anyway. Nobody who invites me to party ever does anyway.

I did get a /tell from a guy asking about DM who wanted to do a run too a little while later. But neither of us had an Ark Pentasphere to start fight because it was nowhere near a Full Moon, and SE didn't think to mention we might want to get one ahead of time.

Later on, after the second Level 8 Besieged that Hades server somehow didn't lose I found myself back in Aht Urgahn Whitegate. Naturally, I had to type:

/shout Where's all my DM runs at?

I don't like to brag (too much), but I think that one comment singlehandedly tripled the average stupidity of Whitegate /shouts for the next 15 minutes.

It was like an avalanche of stupid.

Except there was no noticeable amount of snow. And there was the crazy Whitegate middleastern-sounding music playing the whole time.

After a while I saw a familiar name shouting for DM. It was the BLM from earlier who I'd talked to. I sent him a /tell asking to join the run, at about the same time he sent me one telling me he was starting one.

Shortly thereafter we had 16/18 people in our alliance, two Ark Pentaspheres (always take two or more Ark Pentaspheres on DM runs...), and we headed off to Tu'Lia to lay waste to some Crystal Warriors.

We got there, /tossed our old earrings, flagged the quest, led some stragglers (who got more lost than I did) to the battlefield entrance area, and we were ready to begin. The guy with the orb trades it, and we go in.

All 12 of us.

Somebody in the second party picked the wrong battlefield to enter. Which meant our orb was used up and we had no chance to win with less than 2/3rds the Black Mages there.

Exit the battlefield, wait for the guy to fetch his second orb, and we go in again.

Everyone creeps up towards the Ark Angels trying to get close enough to cast Thundaga III on them without being detected and slaughtered before we cast it. Surprisingly everyone gets into range and nobody gets us all killed. The leader calls a time on the game clock. Everyone starts casting Thundaga III simultaneously.

Evilpaul waves goodbye to Ark Angel GK.

Our spells go off, we get Silencega'd and the Galka and Elvaan don't die. Frantically, pop Echo Drops to fix that, and a second volley from a few of us: We win! Only two or three people died. Not bad. By far the best manaburn DM run I've been on. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, most of the people were in the two "premier" NA linkshells on the server.

We Raise our dead people and run back to the shrine to pick up our shiny new earrings. Click the "___" spot. Nothing. Get some text babbling about the full moon and Ro'Maeve, and less shiny new Suppanomimi than I was expecting. Roughly 100% less, actually.

Evilpaul is not happy.

We run all the way down to Ro'Maeve and check the spring alluded to in the cutscene. And don't get any earrings there either.

Either SE $#%&ed up and the quest is bugged. And I better not have to do that stupid fight again. Or, I have to wait two more days until the next full moon, walk all the way back to Ro'Maeve, and then hopefully get my earring.

Either way, it's really goddamned stupid.

Anyone have Sage Sundi's email address? I have a great recipe for a bleach smoothie I'd like to send him. Wut?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

About an hour until the servers are back up...

It's about an hour until the FFXI servers are back up.

The armor and weapons that have been .dat mined are an utter disappointment. Most of them aren't as good as cheap things you can get off the AH, or even the easier to obtain Abjuration gear from Sky.

But who gives a crap about that? SE is letting people re-obtain the Rare/Exclusive items that they intentionally or accidentally dropped.

Like your Tavnazian Ring. You dropped it? Go talk to Justinius, he'll hook you up with a new one.

Your well-earned (well before this update) CoP Ring? Wait until you can get into the exclusive pub in Jeuno and pick up a new one.

Your Apocalypse Nigh Earring? Reset your memory, climb the Promyvions for key items, kill the Zilartian brothers again. Pick up your pretty new earring the next weekend.

Your Divine Might earring? Well, just do Divine Might again. Oh, right, doing Divine Might sucks. Sucks a lot. A lot.

But, after I find a group to do it with: It's Suppanomimi time bishes! My ninja will be swinging a decent amount faster.

If I drag some people into the Sacracrium to kill the Swift Belt NM (hopefully it drops), and whenever the 30 new people in my Sky LS get their Byakko's Haidates, I'll finally be able to swing my katanas practically continuously. Being a permanent-Hundred Fists Ninja would be really damn cool.

Cooking recipes!

The update also adds a bunch of new cooking recipes. Most interesting, at this point when I don't really know anything about what they do or the ingredients to make them, are shrimp crackers.

I'm guessing that they'll have a highly useful Amorph Killer effect. But, they could also have a Accuracy +% effect like sushi. Or perhaps a fixed Accuracy +X. Only they'll last for 3 minutes with the NQ, and 5 minutes for the HQ.

Now, you'll probably wonder why anyone would care. But, consider this: If they're a fixed +% to Accuracy that's comparable to sushi, then with the Sanction food duration increase the HQ lasts 10 minutes, and is potentially dirt cheap to make. (Perhaps like a Spicy Cracker, except with a maybe with a crayfish instead of a pepper.)

That would make them a great food to eat while fighting Greater Colibri at that very popular, awesome EXP/hr, merit camp. Stupid bird steals your food? Pop another, they only cost ~3,000 gil for 99 of them.

If, on the otherhand, they were a static Accuracy +X they might be good food at lower levels off Colibri. And for lowbie jobs that are soloing worms that the Amorph Killer would proc on.

Or, I could be completely wrong and they might not do jack. It wouldn't be the first time.

The Daily Show delivers!

Ron Paul was the guest on the Daily Show last night. (Youtube video here.) After mostly ignoring Paul in the second debate coverage I'm pretty pleased with the interview.

There were a few things not great about it. Ron Paul just doesn't have the million dollar image consultants to come across as the smooth politician that the "front-runners" do. Jon Stewart was pretty fair, but still kind of suggested that other than on Iraq that Paul was a "typical" Republican. When he's really one of a kind (love him or hate him) in Congress.

All in all though, a good showing. If nothing else it shows that there is at least one person on each side of the aisle who isn't completely detached from reality/insane. Unfortunately, there's not much more than that. And the sane people stand little chance of winning.

Hopefully, the next interview on the Colbert Report will be no worse and depending on what happens between now and then (including on the debate tonight on CNN) maybe even better.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Where's all mah gilz at?!?

As most people playing FFXI have always said: The game economy sucks.

A lot.

I never really had a problem with it though.

  • I'd level a low-level craft off things that were profitable (learning stuff to make for money later in the process).
  • Synth up a bunch of stuff that's made mostly or entirely from ingredients sold by NPCs. (Hence high profit margins thanks to low fixed costs on my end with inflation raising the price on the buyer's end.)
  • Level up a low level job mostly on bees and tree saplings which I turn into silent oils and plant the seeds dropped by the saplings.
  • Or god forbid actually go and farm (kill weak monsters for their crappy item drops).

Now, I leveled DRK to 37 and PUP to 24 recently, so I had lots of grain seeds which I planted and got about a dozen stacks of Tarutaru Rice. If you know Cooking or play a melee job you probably know that's used to make the much sought after accuracy boosting sushis.

Pie time!

I cooked up a bunch of melon pies, HQ'd a few stacks. For all the running around, I think all I got out of it was some inventory space back from all the pie crust I had on my mule. The profit margins even with a good HQ streak are pretty pitiful.

'Sole not good

So, I cook up what could only be described as a "buttload" of Sole Sushi. Two +1 synths out of ~40. With my 100+1 Cooking I was expecting more like 3-5. Maybe somebody up there would like me and I'd get 6 and a full stack. I blew up enough ingredients that I ended up making about 5,000 gil off the session.

Time to try something else.

Sheep luvin'

I had tried farming Wild Karakul in Caedarva Mire earlier in the week. They drop skins that sell for 5k gil/ea that I could skill up Leathercraft on my mule with a bit. They also drop meat that I could synth up some Sis Kebabi with. Those are a pretty popular attack boosting food that an NPC in Whitegate also sells. I found out why nobody besides Beastmasters sell their drops: because the droprate sucks horribly. Particularly as a BLM/RDM with no Treasure Hunter job trait. If you only don't farm one thing this year make it a Wild Karakul.

I ended up with 7 skins and 4 pieces of meat after two hours. I blew up most of the skins, but decided to finally cook up the meat:

Free Image Hosting at

I ended up going 2/4 HQs on those. The NQ sold for 3k (which is more than the vendor sells them for), and the HQs fetched 10k each. I have no idea why anyone would pay that for either.

Better luck next time?

I still had lots of rice leftover, so I decided to try making Dorado Sushi. I checked, and it is more profitable than Sole by a decent margin. And there's only one stack on the AH! I go to Windurst to get synth support and hopefully a ~10% tier 1 HQ rate instead of the ~1% at tier 0.

I can't get Imageshack to cooperate now, but I had a lot of them HQ. 6 of 36, actually, which is quite nice. The law of averages works out eventually.

Farming (ugh) in Crawler's Nest

This morning I broke down and went farming in Crawler's Nest. Lizard's skins and eggs, mushrooms, etc all drop quite a lot there. Some of the crap I sell, the rest I craft into hedgehog pies, sleeping potions, and at least one other thing I'm sure I've forgotten.

It was very boring, and I'm sure the JPs who were all doing the escort quest loved me killing all the aggressive mobs in their way. I ended up leaving with a few stacks of mushrooms, skins, and four king truffles. Whenever this stuff all sells I'll have made a decent amount of gil off it.

More to come?

I also cleared up a lot of inventory space in the process, crafting and selling lots of miscellaneous crap that's been taking up space for quite a long time now. Now I've only got a couple stacks of coeurl meat, emperor roe, honey, and yet more tarutaru rice to find a use for. Maybe enough inventory space to actually do coeurl subs and tavnazian tacos now too.

Anyone reading this? (LOL) If so, comment on your gil situation.