Tuesday, June 5, 2007

About an hour until the servers are back up...

It's about an hour until the FFXI servers are back up.

The armor and weapons that have been .dat mined are an utter disappointment. Most of them aren't as good as cheap things you can get off the AH, or even the easier to obtain Abjuration gear from Sky.

But who gives a crap about that? SE is letting people re-obtain the Rare/Exclusive items that they intentionally or accidentally dropped.

Like your Tavnazian Ring. You dropped it? Go talk to Justinius, he'll hook you up with a new one.

Your well-earned (well before this update) CoP Ring? Wait until you can get into the exclusive pub in Jeuno and pick up a new one.

Your Apocalypse Nigh Earring? Reset your memory, climb the Promyvions for key items, kill the Zilartian brothers again. Pick up your pretty new earring the next weekend.

Your Divine Might earring? Well, just do Divine Might again. Oh, right, doing Divine Might sucks. Sucks a lot. A lot.

But, after I find a group to do it with: It's Suppanomimi time bishes! My ninja will be swinging a decent amount faster.

If I drag some people into the Sacracrium to kill the Swift Belt NM (hopefully it drops), and whenever the 30 new people in my Sky LS get their Byakko's Haidates, I'll finally be able to swing my katanas practically continuously. Being a permanent-Hundred Fists Ninja would be really damn cool.

Cooking recipes!

The update also adds a bunch of new cooking recipes. Most interesting, at this point when I don't really know anything about what they do or the ingredients to make them, are shrimp crackers.

I'm guessing that they'll have a highly useful Amorph Killer effect. But, they could also have a Accuracy +% effect like sushi. Or perhaps a fixed Accuracy +X. Only they'll last for 3 minutes with the NQ, and 5 minutes for the HQ.

Now, you'll probably wonder why anyone would care. But, consider this: If they're a fixed +% to Accuracy that's comparable to sushi, then with the Sanction food duration increase the HQ lasts 10 minutes, and is potentially dirt cheap to make. (Perhaps like a Spicy Cracker, except with a maybe with a crayfish instead of a pepper.)

That would make them a great food to eat while fighting Greater Colibri at that very popular, awesome EXP/hr, merit camp. Stupid bird steals your food? Pop another, they only cost ~3,000 gil for 99 of them.

If, on the otherhand, they were a static Accuracy +X they might be good food at lower levels off Colibri. And for lowbie jobs that are soloing worms that the Amorph Killer would proc on.

Or, I could be completely wrong and they might not do jack. It wouldn't be the first time.

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