Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Daily Show delivers!

Ron Paul was the guest on the Daily Show last night. (Youtube video here.) After mostly ignoring Paul in the second debate coverage I'm pretty pleased with the interview.

There were a few things not great about it. Ron Paul just doesn't have the million dollar image consultants to come across as the smooth politician that the "front-runners" do. Jon Stewart was pretty fair, but still kind of suggested that other than on Iraq that Paul was a "typical" Republican. When he's really one of a kind (love him or hate him) in Congress.

All in all though, a good showing. If nothing else it shows that there is at least one person on each side of the aisle who isn't completely detached from reality/insane. Unfortunately, there's not much more than that. And the sane people stand little chance of winning.

Hopefully, the next interview on the Colbert Report will be no worse and depending on what happens between now and then (including on the debate tonight on CNN) maybe even better.

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