Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fvcking Light Ore

You could say I'm a little angry. You could say that very loudly and break some things while you were doing it. You'd be getting warmer.

So, more than a month after teasing me with the possibility of changing my Abyssal Earring to a Suppanomimi, the patch was released, I dropped my earring, cleared DM (for the sixth time), and go to the fountain in Ro'Maeve. Where I'm told to get a Light Ore?

I Mijin Gakure on the nearest monster, homepoint, run to the Auction House...and they've gone from 140k to 850k in the past five minutes.

Even better yet, the Light Ore, if I could afford one, wouldn't even get me a new earring. It would get me a key item, so that I can try and clear Divine Might for the seventh time. Of course, to enter Divine Might I'd need to get an Ark Pentasphere, or find somebody else who has one. Which means I'd need an Illumiink which is a pain in the ass to get and piece of parchment.

But, I can't afford the Light Ore, so why fvcking bother?

Thank you SE!

The shitty armor you added this update was a little disappointing, as was the shitty new event Einherjar, but at least I don't have any Divine Might earring, or way to get one, anymore! Good job with that!

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