Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the really #@^&ing Stupid.

So, the update came out. We find out that you have to redo the Divine Might BCNM to get a new Earring. By far the hardest of the things to do because it takes 18 people, and a lot of coordination and skill. Unless you go with lots of Black Mages. Then it just takes reasonably competent people and a little luck.

And somebody usually dies anyway, but you get a cool reward, so they'll get over it.

Not being anywhere near a Full Moon, I wasn't sure when I was going to get to try and get a Suppanomimi to replace my Abyssal. I set my /search comment to say I wanted to do DM, that my Black Mage was level 75, that I had capped Thunder potency merits, and that I have a Sorcerer's Ring. Pretty much that I can do higher damage than 90% of the other Black Mages on the server, and if you are planning a DM run and looking for Black Mages I'm your man.

But really, "Evilpaul" is towards the beginning of the alphabetic /search listings, and you probably don't read comments anyway. Nobody who invites me to party ever does anyway.

I did get a /tell from a guy asking about DM who wanted to do a run too a little while later. But neither of us had an Ark Pentasphere to start fight because it was nowhere near a Full Moon, and SE didn't think to mention we might want to get one ahead of time.

Later on, after the second Level 8 Besieged that Hades server somehow didn't lose I found myself back in Aht Urgahn Whitegate. Naturally, I had to type:

/shout Where's all my DM runs at?

I don't like to brag (too much), but I think that one comment singlehandedly tripled the average stupidity of Whitegate /shouts for the next 15 minutes.

It was like an avalanche of stupid.

Except there was no noticeable amount of snow. And there was the crazy Whitegate middleastern-sounding music playing the whole time.

After a while I saw a familiar name shouting for DM. It was the BLM from earlier who I'd talked to. I sent him a /tell asking to join the run, at about the same time he sent me one telling me he was starting one.

Shortly thereafter we had 16/18 people in our alliance, two Ark Pentaspheres (always take two or more Ark Pentaspheres on DM runs...), and we headed off to Tu'Lia to lay waste to some Crystal Warriors.

We got there, /tossed our old earrings, flagged the quest, led some stragglers (who got more lost than I did) to the battlefield entrance area, and we were ready to begin. The guy with the orb trades it, and we go in.

All 12 of us.

Somebody in the second party picked the wrong battlefield to enter. Which meant our orb was used up and we had no chance to win with less than 2/3rds the Black Mages there.

Exit the battlefield, wait for the guy to fetch his second orb, and we go in again.

Everyone creeps up towards the Ark Angels trying to get close enough to cast Thundaga III on them without being detected and slaughtered before we cast it. Surprisingly everyone gets into range and nobody gets us all killed. The leader calls a time on the game clock. Everyone starts casting Thundaga III simultaneously.

Evilpaul waves goodbye to Ark Angel GK.

Our spells go off, we get Silencega'd and the Galka and Elvaan don't die. Frantically, pop Echo Drops to fix that, and a second volley from a few of us: We win! Only two or three people died. Not bad. By far the best manaburn DM run I've been on. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, most of the people were in the two "premier" NA linkshells on the server.

We Raise our dead people and run back to the shrine to pick up our shiny new earrings. Click the "___" spot. Nothing. Get some text babbling about the full moon and Ro'Maeve, and less shiny new Suppanomimi than I was expecting. Roughly 100% less, actually.

Evilpaul is not happy.

We run all the way down to Ro'Maeve and check the spring alluded to in the cutscene. And don't get any earrings there either.

Either SE $#%&ed up and the quest is bugged. And I better not have to do that stupid fight again. Or, I have to wait two more days until the next full moon, walk all the way back to Ro'Maeve, and then hopefully get my earring.

Either way, it's really goddamned stupid.

Anyone have Sage Sundi's email address? I have a great recipe for a bleach smoothie I'd like to send him. Wut?

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