Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Obtained: Light Ore

The never-ending saga of Evilpaul versus the Light Ore continues. I blew most of my gil to buy a Light Ore for the low, low price of 25o,ooo gil earlier today. Which isn't actually much more than it was about a month ago. I'd still have preferred to just redo the quest, but at least I'm over this hurdle.

I'm working on setting up a Divine Might run again on Hades this Monday at 9PM Eastern Time. Several LS people and friends have signed up. I'll try the other people I went with the last time as well. I don't think I have this set to require registration to post comments (and I can't even get spammers to post comments anyway. :-p), so if you're on Hades and interested feel free to comment. It looks like it'll be another BLM-onry one though.

The tree saplings I planted should be ready to harvest pretty soon, so I may get some elemental ores. I'm aiming for Earth Ores. I'm sure there will be a flood of Light Ores and I didn't want to sell off a bunch for 5ok each a week from now with everyone else.

So, if all goes well I'll have a shiny new Suppanomimi by Tuesday. I'm towards the front of the line for a Byakko's Haidate as well, and still have a Fomor Codex in storage, so Hundred Fists Ninja is getting closer and closer. :-D

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