Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weekend Episode IV: A New Hope

The Beach!

I couldn't think of a good subject line/title thing. So sue me.

Had a fun three night, two day weekend down a friend's shore house. Spent a few hours out on the beach watching the waves. I have all the sun burn needed to prove it.

Did you know sun burn can "leak"? Yeah, me neither. So added to the list of bodily fluids known of by Evilpaul is sunburn leakage. Not red like blood or funky looking-smelling like pus. But clear and quick drying.

If it's new I'm making them name it after me.

Also, if you're applying sunblock, as all pasty white people should before going out in the sun, make sure you apply it to the backs of your hands. Unless you have a prehensile tail you probably applied it with the palms of your hands, but you may forget the back part. Which you could find yourself reminded of later on everytime you get something from your pockets.

An Octopus's Garden

As a of Square-Enix's Light Ore incident, I bought several tree saplings and cactus stems which can be grown into plants and harvested a month or so later. Ideally, you get an elemental ore that you wanted. But, in practice only 10-25% of the time does a plant yield an ore. Otherwise you get crystals, tropical fruits, rock salt, or worms. The tropical fruits usually cover the cost of the saplings. The other two are garbage consolation prizes. More insulting than saleable or functional, really.

One of the main things about gardening in FFXI is that you need to check your plants once every Earth day or they'll wither and die.

Being a few hundred miles away at the beach, I didn't do that.

So from early Friday night to late Monday night my moogle was on his own to raise my plants.

I had pretty much left them for dead, but logged into my mule character where they were being raised, and much to my surprise none were wilted stumps. I checked the tree saplings which were doing ok, and then the cactus stems. The cactus stems were to the point that they could be fed a crystal. Feeding a crystal largely determines what items they'll eventually yield at harvest. I fed them, and we'll see what happens now.

If I get a buttload of Light Ores I'll be quite happy. Somehow, I don't see that happening though.

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