Monday, June 4, 2007

Where's all mah gilz at?!?

As most people playing FFXI have always said: The game economy sucks.

A lot.

I never really had a problem with it though.

  • I'd level a low-level craft off things that were profitable (learning stuff to make for money later in the process).
  • Synth up a bunch of stuff that's made mostly or entirely from ingredients sold by NPCs. (Hence high profit margins thanks to low fixed costs on my end with inflation raising the price on the buyer's end.)
  • Level up a low level job mostly on bees and tree saplings which I turn into silent oils and plant the seeds dropped by the saplings.
  • Or god forbid actually go and farm (kill weak monsters for their crappy item drops).

Now, I leveled DRK to 37 and PUP to 24 recently, so I had lots of grain seeds which I planted and got about a dozen stacks of Tarutaru Rice. If you know Cooking or play a melee job you probably know that's used to make the much sought after accuracy boosting sushis.

Pie time!

I cooked up a bunch of melon pies, HQ'd a few stacks. For all the running around, I think all I got out of it was some inventory space back from all the pie crust I had on my mule. The profit margins even with a good HQ streak are pretty pitiful.

'Sole not good

So, I cook up what could only be described as a "buttload" of Sole Sushi. Two +1 synths out of ~40. With my 100+1 Cooking I was expecting more like 3-5. Maybe somebody up there would like me and I'd get 6 and a full stack. I blew up enough ingredients that I ended up making about 5,000 gil off the session.

Time to try something else.

Sheep luvin'

I had tried farming Wild Karakul in Caedarva Mire earlier in the week. They drop skins that sell for 5k gil/ea that I could skill up Leathercraft on my mule with a bit. They also drop meat that I could synth up some Sis Kebabi with. Those are a pretty popular attack boosting food that an NPC in Whitegate also sells. I found out why nobody besides Beastmasters sell their drops: because the droprate sucks horribly. Particularly as a BLM/RDM with no Treasure Hunter job trait. If you only don't farm one thing this year make it a Wild Karakul.

I ended up with 7 skins and 4 pieces of meat after two hours. I blew up most of the skins, but decided to finally cook up the meat:

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I ended up going 2/4 HQs on those. The NQ sold for 3k (which is more than the vendor sells them for), and the HQs fetched 10k each. I have no idea why anyone would pay that for either.

Better luck next time?

I still had lots of rice leftover, so I decided to try making Dorado Sushi. I checked, and it is more profitable than Sole by a decent margin. And there's only one stack on the AH! I go to Windurst to get synth support and hopefully a ~10% tier 1 HQ rate instead of the ~1% at tier 0.

I can't get Imageshack to cooperate now, but I had a lot of them HQ. 6 of 36, actually, which is quite nice. The law of averages works out eventually.

Farming (ugh) in Crawler's Nest

This morning I broke down and went farming in Crawler's Nest. Lizard's skins and eggs, mushrooms, etc all drop quite a lot there. Some of the crap I sell, the rest I craft into hedgehog pies, sleeping potions, and at least one other thing I'm sure I've forgotten.

It was very boring, and I'm sure the JPs who were all doing the escort quest loved me killing all the aggressive mobs in their way. I ended up leaving with a few stacks of mushrooms, skins, and four king truffles. Whenever this stuff all sells I'll have made a decent amount of gil off it.

More to come?

I also cleared up a lot of inventory space in the process, crafting and selling lots of miscellaneous crap that's been taking up space for quite a long time now. Now I've only got a couple stacks of coeurl meat, emperor roe, honey, and yet more tarutaru rice to find a use for. Maybe enough inventory space to actually do coeurl subs and tavnazian tacos now too.

Anyone reading this? (LOL) If so, comment on your gil situation.

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