Friday, August 31, 2007

From Rags to Riches

The FFXI update has come and delivered hilariously overpowered two-handed weapons. There was much rejoicing (by Dark Knights and Dragoons). It's virtually impossible to find a Lesser Colibri outside Whitegate right now because guys with little dragons called Fluffy following the around are killing them all.

For two-handed weapon users 1 DEX is now the same as 1 Acc and 1 STR is 1 Att, which has radically altered the way that people using two-handed weapons gear themselves.

Which worked out nicely for me, because I spent the money I made mining (see below) to buy a Sniper's Ring for 350k. Which promptly dropped 60k more in a few hours to 290k. And I stopped looking after that. hasn't worked for Hades or Remora since the update, so that makes it easier.

A lil' Mining

I was inspired by a thread on BG to go and try my hand at mining on Mount Z yesterday. I spent 15 minutes running around without seeing any mining points, but once I learned where they pop (and wasn't unknowingly following an RMT miner) I started hacking away at them.

At which point I realized I didn't have my Mining clothes with me. So, I got nothing or broke my pickaxes about 70% of the time.

But on my third mining point I got a coveted Khroma Ore. They're used to upgrade Salvage body pieces, so they're a ludicrous 3oo,ooo gil each.

I went through several more stacks of pickaxes and got nothing of interest, and I got myself killed and had to homepoint. But that ore made it all worth it.

A lil' Sky

Tonight we did a Sky run as we usually do on Thursdays. I was a little late, so people were already trying to pop Despot when I got there. I went in search of a Curtana to pop Brigandish Blade, found one, and met up at Despot.

It popped a few minutes later, and thanks to the patch it was claimed to us, and we started killing it. I had the good fortune to killed by the bastard. LOL. We went and tried to pop Steam Cleaner next. It popped in about twenty minutes and we killed it. Next, we killed Brigandish Blade.

As we waited for people to pass on the gem so we could leave, somebody mentioned doing a KS99 again as people kept talking about all night.

A lil' Dragon

I had thought people were talking about the KS99 with a King Behemoth that spams the Meteor spell. Which thoroughly $#%&s up whatever poor bastard didn't get out of range of it in time.

But, people were in fact talking about The Early Bird Catches the Wyrm. Which I had heard horrible things about it being really difficult and needing to Chainspell Stun to actually clear it. As it takes 99 Kindred's Seals to attempt and those do take a good while to accumulate I wasn't eager to be the first person to use my seals on it.

Everyone with an Orb did /random as normal to decide who goes first. I /random'd a 964. I said "wth" and a bunch of people LOL'd.

I had said I didn't want to go first, so the next highest person went. I also said that if I didn't go we'd win and a Speed Belt would drop. If you call me for tomorrow's Lucky Lotto numbers, you'll probably win. The guy who lotted next highest traded his orb.

We entered, pulled it, beat it down to 75%. It went airborne and all the BLMs (including myself) went crazy on it. It landed and we finished it off.

In the future I'll probably get my AF1 set out of storage, the thing was pretty resistant with Thunder IV only doing ~100 damage several times.

A new PLD to the LS, Ogdeath, went with his orb and got a Speed Belt (30M) and a bunch of other stuff that totalled around 700k.

Somebody up there hates me. Lots. LOL.

We did a second run, and I lotted 929. I got a copy of the game on PC, but haven't installed it yet, so there was no 1337 h4><0r0ry involved. The second went as smoothly as the first, and I got a pile of nice loot.

Notable drops included:
Unsho (I'm keeping this for NIN. I'd have sold it an gotten an Unji, but it's 600k compared to 500k at this point. Not worth the effort or the 11k AH fee.)
Nokizaru Shuriken (Keeping this for HNM tanking on NIN...not that I actually do any. :-p)
Shining Cloth (Selling!)
and Siren's Hair. (Already sold!)

Lawl worthy drops included:
Raxa (NPCs for more than the AH price right now)
Beetle Blood
Hi-Ether +3 (which I kind of expect will never sell)
Coral Fragment (maybe I can pester an LS mate with high level Bonecraft to Reraise Hairpin it?)
and Dragon Meat which I'll actually use having 100 Cooking and all.

I think I forgot one, but it fell into the "lawl" category.

So all in all, it was a productive farming night in Sky and I'll have over 1M gil for the first time in quite a long time once the Shining Cloth sells.

The Check's in the Mail

I've already mostly decided what I'm going to spend this all on, but I can go two ways with it.

The first, sell everything (Unsho and Shuriken included) and my Spectacles and get a Peacock Charm.

The second, is hang on to Unsho and the Enmity+2 shuriken, and get two of three things. An Unji to complete the U/U speed katana set for my Ninja, An Arhat's Gi +1 for tanking HNMs (and/or just trying to hold hate in general), or a Serket Ring so that I can use my Sorcerer's Ring with a Grip that was added in the last patch. I can't use my Asklepios and a grip because of macro space limitations.

I'm leaning towards the Unji and Serket just because I very rarely am asked to come to any LS events as Ninja, and I would like to be able to use grips on BLM with my Sorcerer's Ring.

BLM Def/VIT/-Dmg taken

I found a Livejournal link on BG, and decided to give it a read. It's by a BLM on I'm not sure what server by the name of Kanican. He's got several BLM guides up, and I'm always interested in learning better ways to do things, so I took a look. He emphasized the importance of "standing" gear which has high defense, percentage based damage reduction (aka Earth Staff), and Auto Refresh from a body piece.

I'd already been manually swapping to Terra's Staff and my relic body which has Auto Refresh on it, but he convinced me to finally write a macro that does it. The results while being wailed upon are pretty impressive and saved my ass on the Wyrm tonight. With Terra's Staff (-20% DMG), Jelly Ring (-5% DMG), and Sorcerer's Earring (active in red HP, -30% DMG). The DMG-% caps at 50%.

I went from taking 450 damage per hit when it landed and I pulled hate the first fight to a little under 200 when I was in red HP the second fight with my orb. My LS buddies were nice enough to shower me in Cure IIIs, so I didn't die either run. Blink and Stoneskin of course helped in that regard as well.

I was kind of surprised that the terror status effect lasted so long. It used the Roar ability that does it, and used it again but it had no effect because I was still terrorized.

An interesting evening, and I should probably be off to bed now.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Dynamis Xarc and a patch coming

Dynamis - Xarcabard

Well, we went on a Dyn-Xarc run tonight. Comcast decided to be, well, Comcast, so I got kicked out after the first wall of demon NMs. We got a crappy amount of ancient currency while I was there, and no relic armor.

Update in a few days...

There's an update coming in a few days that could potentially be very nice. SE is adding 'grips' for two handed weapons. I don't care if a DRK has -3% delay reduction, but they could add Magic Atk. Bonus +3 on one too for my BLM. And they could, but won't, add something to one for SMN. I'm betting they come from the new Assault rank Imperial Standing items. Which, like the old ones, I won't be getting anytime in the near or forseeable future.

They're also updating the Corsair, Puppetmaster, and Beastmaster jobs. Corsair was basically fine as it was already, but they're getting their damage upped with new bullets. (I hope to make a large fortune off them.) PUP can use a boost to be less LOL'd by the general populace. BST could use something so that the people who play it will cry about their sandy vaginas a bit less.

All in all, it looks to be a nice update.

I would have liked to have gotten an update for Summoner though that would fix some of the problems with that job though.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Dynamis-Xarcabard...not so much

Well, I logged in about ten minutes late to go to Dynamis-Xarcabard tonight. But it didn't really matter because another LS had ganked it on us for the second time in a row. Our second Dynamis days don't overlap, so I'll see about making our future Xarc runs not-Tuesday and we'll hopefully get in more often.

Instead, we did Dynamis-Beaucedine. Which is among my least favorite only slightly ahead of Dynamis-Windurst. I went BLM and we had 23 people with a few more arriving later and a whole bunch disconnecting and coming back repeatedly.

Our plan was to farm for people's relic and to pop the Relic Shield attestation NM and get a drop for our LS's shield. We've gotten nearly all the currency needed already, so farming this thing up is becoming kind of important.

The run went pretty smoothly at first. We got a DRK body drop. Unfortunately, Jamarn, our DRK who wanted it wasn't there. After going up the ramp with the rest of the BLMs to time-nuke a statue we got a Cleric's Briault. As we do everytime Evilbron, our WHM who wants it, wasn't there. Miliani, who's also 75 WHM, got it instead. She's WHM at a lot of events so it'll get put to good use.

We got to the Orc tower and had quite a bit of fun. We manaburned down the NMs. The RNG went down fast and Eagle Eye Shot didn't break 500 damage.

As it turns out the other Orc is a MNK. It used Hundred Fists, and apparently whoever gravitied it forgot to mention that wore off. First it drilled a Tarutaru BLM down to red HP, then it came after me. Blink took out two swings, Stoneskin part of a critical hit, and then my HP took the rest...down to 1 HP. Another BLM stunned it and it turned and ran after him. I wish I'd grabbed a screenshot of the log. It was a screen full of buffs being stripped, then lots of damage, followed by about 10 "LOL" and "omg 1 hp!", and finally a bunch of Cure IVs and a Flash.

We ran around killing a bunch more crap, and eventually got to the Goubl--something NM that drops the Attestation. Due to a bit of miscommunication almost ten minutes were wasted. And we got booted out with it at about 20% HP.


So, either attempt #2 on Friday or Dynamis-Xarc and maybe a try at the Animated Shield or DL.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Is it really so difficult for people to understand that if A, B, C, and D are messed up, it's possible to fix all of them even if B, C, and D are in worse shape than A? "Don't fix A, because D is worse!" Come on, people.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I couldn't say I'm a big fan of the CoP Dynamis areas. While they don't take very long, they also don't drop crap compared to the cities or even the Icelands. They also have dragons.

Now if you're the longtime reader of this blog, then you undoubtedly know that the Evilpaul Rule of Overkill™ is that it's always funny. So, add some dragons into the picture and there's enormous potential here.

If, for instance you were doing Dynamis-Buburimu you might be fighting a dragon that spams the Void Song ability which removes all buffs from everyone in it's massive range. Which would make keeping Blink, Stoneskin, Utsusemi, etc up for any amount of time impossible.

Even more potential.

Long story short, I got one-shotted by a critical hit for 963.

I was wearing a Zenith Crown and Mitts (I've got a Wizard's Coat +1, so I leave my AF1 set in storage and use the Zenith in place of AF or the fugly Demon's Helm much of the time), so I only had 830 or so HP. Which placed me firmly in the dead category.

Ironically, it was about 15 seconds after I made fun of our resident Samurai for dying.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Sold Out

Well, as much as I hated on AM2 spells as utterly worthless I'm now the proud owner of one. Iceday with Obi. I could probably get it to ~2100 if I uncursed a Soup or two.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I seriously hate people

About six hours of looking for a party today on Monk. About four hours yesterday. I have yet to kill anything in any of the five parties I got invited to in the past two days.

Maybe I'll do some Cooking tomorrow since I'm a broke bastard. This leveling Monk thing seems to be not working very well at the moment.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Stupid Parties

Stupidity Down Low

Ah, the fresh taste of Derfland Humus in the morning. It gets its rich flavor from crawler droppings, you know.

As I type this Evilpaul is face down in Crawler's Nest after an unfortunate encounter with an Exoray. For the uninitiated, in FFXI there are some monsters that are significantly stronger than others of the same level. Greater Birds (because you can't really sleep them), Morbols, and those deceptfully cute Funguar family...of which, the Exoray found in Crawler's Nest is a proud member.

In what looked like it would have otherwise been a good party NIN, THF, MNK (me), BLU, RDM, BRD we go to the "secret room" area and start killing Soldier Crawlers. Somebody aggros an Exoray, and two fights later we're all dead with no Reraise.

Thus ends what could have been a pretty good party.

Well, the BLU and THF had it out afterwards, but half the conversation was in Japanese, so it wasn't particuarly entertaining. What with me not knowing a word of Japanese and all.

All in all I wasted about 1k gil, an hour of time sitting in Jeuno waiting for them to fill up the party to 6/6, and 300 EXP points.

If being a MNK didn't mean just beating the crap out of whatever enemy is put in front of you I'd probably seriously consider leveling RDM to 75 now. All the {Refresh} {Can I have it?} and {Haste} would drive me to an entirely new kind of crazy.

Stupidity on High

I switched to BLM/RDM last night and decided to solo the last 8k EXP I needed to get a 4th Hand-to-Hand skill merit which would make my 41 Monk that much more kick ass. So, I head to Mount Z and go to see if there's any BLMs at the Pudding camp.

I get there and see only one Pudding dead. Which means the half dozen Black Mages are for some reason soloing somewhere else. I come around the corner to the safe spot people usually rest between fights and see the unthinkable. Five Summoners, one Black Mage, and one Bard the highest person level 70 are partying there.

Apparently having lots of Diabolos' cast Nether Blast and tanking is great EXP at level 70 if you're functionally retarded. Haven't people ever heard of Snolls before?

It took them about two minutes to kill one Ebony Pudding which is about twice the time it takes me to kill one. With me being five fewer people and whatnot.

So I figured #@^& them, there's fewer puddings up and about when it's just me and another Black Mage, I'll chase these people out in no time.

So, I start my usual routine. Pull with Thunder IV, the Pudding casts Rasp, so I Gravity it and run back a bit. I cast Blizzard IV, the casting timer fills up and I'm interrupted. Then the Pudding still well out of melee range hits me twice. Then it teleports magically in front of me. I run back a bit more and cast Bind. Which again interrupts and I get wacked, breaking my Stoneskin this time, and knocking my HP uncomfortably low.

By this time I realize the dozen people behind me are lagging the place to hell and I make a dash for the entrance to Halvung and safety.

For the best, probably. I was rather tired and would have probably done something stupid to get myself killed by a Pudding later anyway. I soloed the rest of the 8k limit points on Wamoura Princes to the West.

Now to see if I can get a decent party to put that 4th Hand-to-Hand merit to use in.

Noodle Kneading & Swift Belt

Noodle Kneading

I finally got around to getting 30k guild points for Noodle Kneading today. I haven't tried making anything yet, but being able to get Carbonara or Pescatora (if anyone ever AHes Sandfish) for the price to make it, with the added possibility of HQs to sell to other people, could be some nice gil down the road.

Unfortunately, I only have 16k gil right now, so I'm in no shape to buy up ingredients to make the stuff.

Also, because one of the ingredients in Carbonara is a 36 cap recipe and the HQ version (which I'd make ~50% of the time) can't be used I'll probably need to get my mule Luaplive to 36 Cooking.

So, it's something of a work in progress.

Swift Belt

I went on what has to be my 7th Swift Belt run. Somebody else popped the NM using their Fomor Codex and since I /random'd highest it was for me. Of course it didn't drop, so 0/1 as far as actually getting to fight the NM for my own belt.

I think I've seen 3/15 as far as total drops go.

Considering what a pain in the ass this thing is to setup a run (in a level capped zone) and go SE could have made it a 100% drop like most other force popped NMs are.

So, I've got 16% Haste for my Ninja from Byakko's Haidate, Walmart Turban, Fumas, and Dusk Gloves. I think 20% Haste from gear (along with the spells) will be enough to have my katanas going non-stop with a Double Attack proc.

I went and farmed up another Codex, so hopefully I'll get to try again pretty soon.

Tanking the NM with 15% Haste total compared to the 31%+ that I was used to at 75 makes me really appreciate all the Haste I get from gear. It's also kind of weird because with Katana merits I found that my melee damage was outdoing the Elemental Ni spells which were resisted heavily.