Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Dynamis-Xarcabard...not so much

Well, I logged in about ten minutes late to go to Dynamis-Xarcabard tonight. But it didn't really matter because another LS had ganked it on us for the second time in a row. Our second Dynamis days don't overlap, so I'll see about making our future Xarc runs not-Tuesday and we'll hopefully get in more often.

Instead, we did Dynamis-Beaucedine. Which is among my least favorite only slightly ahead of Dynamis-Windurst. I went BLM and we had 23 people with a few more arriving later and a whole bunch disconnecting and coming back repeatedly.

Our plan was to farm for people's relic and to pop the Relic Shield attestation NM and get a drop for our LS's shield. We've gotten nearly all the currency needed already, so farming this thing up is becoming kind of important.

The run went pretty smoothly at first. We got a DRK body drop. Unfortunately, Jamarn, our DRK who wanted it wasn't there. After going up the ramp with the rest of the BLMs to time-nuke a statue we got a Cleric's Briault. As we do everytime Evilbron, our WHM who wants it, wasn't there. Miliani, who's also 75 WHM, got it instead. She's WHM at a lot of events so it'll get put to good use.

We got to the Orc tower and had quite a bit of fun. We manaburned down the NMs. The RNG went down fast and Eagle Eye Shot didn't break 500 damage.

As it turns out the other Orc is a MNK. It used Hundred Fists, and apparently whoever gravitied it forgot to mention that wore off. First it drilled a Tarutaru BLM down to red HP, then it came after me. Blink took out two swings, Stoneskin part of a critical hit, and then my HP took the rest...down to 1 HP. Another BLM stunned it and it turned and ran after him. I wish I'd grabbed a screenshot of the log. It was a screen full of buffs being stripped, then lots of damage, followed by about 10 "LOL" and "omg 1 hp!", and finally a bunch of Cure IVs and a Flash.

We ran around killing a bunch more crap, and eventually got to the Goubl--something NM that drops the Attestation. Due to a bit of miscommunication almost ten minutes were wasted. And we got booted out with it at about 20% HP.


So, either attempt #2 on Friday or Dynamis-Xarc and maybe a try at the Animated Shield or DL.

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