Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Dynamis Xarc and a patch coming

Dynamis - Xarcabard

Well, we went on a Dyn-Xarc run tonight. Comcast decided to be, well, Comcast, so I got kicked out after the first wall of demon NMs. We got a crappy amount of ancient currency while I was there, and no relic armor.

Update in a few days...

There's an update coming in a few days that could potentially be very nice. SE is adding 'grips' for two handed weapons. I don't care if a DRK has -3% delay reduction, but they could add Magic Atk. Bonus +3 on one too for my BLM. And they could, but won't, add something to one for SMN. I'm betting they come from the new Assault rank Imperial Standing items. Which, like the old ones, I won't be getting anytime in the near or forseeable future.

They're also updating the Corsair, Puppetmaster, and Beastmaster jobs. Corsair was basically fine as it was already, but they're getting their damage upped with new bullets. (I hope to make a large fortune off them.) PUP can use a boost to be less LOL'd by the general populace. BST could use something so that the people who play it will cry about their sandy vaginas a bit less.

All in all, it looks to be a nice update.

I would have liked to have gotten an update for Summoner though that would fix some of the problems with that job though.

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