Thursday, August 2, 2007

Noodle Kneading & Swift Belt

Noodle Kneading

I finally got around to getting 30k guild points for Noodle Kneading today. I haven't tried making anything yet, but being able to get Carbonara or Pescatora (if anyone ever AHes Sandfish) for the price to make it, with the added possibility of HQs to sell to other people, could be some nice gil down the road.

Unfortunately, I only have 16k gil right now, so I'm in no shape to buy up ingredients to make the stuff.

Also, because one of the ingredients in Carbonara is a 36 cap recipe and the HQ version (which I'd make ~50% of the time) can't be used I'll probably need to get my mule Luaplive to 36 Cooking.

So, it's something of a work in progress.

Swift Belt

I went on what has to be my 7th Swift Belt run. Somebody else popped the NM using their Fomor Codex and since I /random'd highest it was for me. Of course it didn't drop, so 0/1 as far as actually getting to fight the NM for my own belt.

I think I've seen 3/15 as far as total drops go.

Considering what a pain in the ass this thing is to setup a run (in a level capped zone) and go SE could have made it a 100% drop like most other force popped NMs are.

So, I've got 16% Haste for my Ninja from Byakko's Haidate, Walmart Turban, Fumas, and Dusk Gloves. I think 20% Haste from gear (along with the spells) will be enough to have my katanas going non-stop with a Double Attack proc.

I went and farmed up another Codex, so hopefully I'll get to try again pretty soon.

Tanking the NM with 15% Haste total compared to the 31%+ that I was used to at 75 makes me really appreciate all the Haste I get from gear. It's also kind of weird because with Katana merits I found that my melee damage was outdoing the Elemental Ni spells which were resisted heavily.

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