Thursday, August 2, 2007

Stupid Parties

Stupidity Down Low

Ah, the fresh taste of Derfland Humus in the morning. It gets its rich flavor from crawler droppings, you know.

As I type this Evilpaul is face down in Crawler's Nest after an unfortunate encounter with an Exoray. For the uninitiated, in FFXI there are some monsters that are significantly stronger than others of the same level. Greater Birds (because you can't really sleep them), Morbols, and those deceptfully cute Funguar family...of which, the Exoray found in Crawler's Nest is a proud member.

In what looked like it would have otherwise been a good party NIN, THF, MNK (me), BLU, RDM, BRD we go to the "secret room" area and start killing Soldier Crawlers. Somebody aggros an Exoray, and two fights later we're all dead with no Reraise.

Thus ends what could have been a pretty good party.

Well, the BLU and THF had it out afterwards, but half the conversation was in Japanese, so it wasn't particuarly entertaining. What with me not knowing a word of Japanese and all.

All in all I wasted about 1k gil, an hour of time sitting in Jeuno waiting for them to fill up the party to 6/6, and 300 EXP points.

If being a MNK didn't mean just beating the crap out of whatever enemy is put in front of you I'd probably seriously consider leveling RDM to 75 now. All the {Refresh} {Can I have it?} and {Haste} would drive me to an entirely new kind of crazy.

Stupidity on High

I switched to BLM/RDM last night and decided to solo the last 8k EXP I needed to get a 4th Hand-to-Hand skill merit which would make my 41 Monk that much more kick ass. So, I head to Mount Z and go to see if there's any BLMs at the Pudding camp.

I get there and see only one Pudding dead. Which means the half dozen Black Mages are for some reason soloing somewhere else. I come around the corner to the safe spot people usually rest between fights and see the unthinkable. Five Summoners, one Black Mage, and one Bard the highest person level 70 are partying there.

Apparently having lots of Diabolos' cast Nether Blast and tanking is great EXP at level 70 if you're functionally retarded. Haven't people ever heard of Snolls before?

It took them about two minutes to kill one Ebony Pudding which is about twice the time it takes me to kill one. With me being five fewer people and whatnot.

So I figured #@^& them, there's fewer puddings up and about when it's just me and another Black Mage, I'll chase these people out in no time.

So, I start my usual routine. Pull with Thunder IV, the Pudding casts Rasp, so I Gravity it and run back a bit. I cast Blizzard IV, the casting timer fills up and I'm interrupted. Then the Pudding still well out of melee range hits me twice. Then it teleports magically in front of me. I run back a bit more and cast Bind. Which again interrupts and I get wacked, breaking my Stoneskin this time, and knocking my HP uncomfortably low.

By this time I realize the dozen people behind me are lagging the place to hell and I make a dash for the entrance to Halvung and safety.

For the best, probably. I was rather tired and would have probably done something stupid to get myself killed by a Pudding later anyway. I soloed the rest of the 8k limit points on Wamoura Princes to the West.

Now to see if I can get a decent party to put that 4th Hand-to-Hand merit to use in.

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