Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monk Tanking

So, I've been trying to level Monk lately. I got it to level 48 and stopped for a while. Picked it up again, and got it to level 52. Mostly in parties in Kuftal Tunnel on Robber Crabs. For two of the three parties, we had decent tanks. But neither were confident in their abilities, so I was asked to sub Ninja for Utsusemi: Ichi, so that I wouldn't be gangraped.

For this last one, we had the worst Ninja on Hades. And, we had the worst Thief on Hades. So, in your typical fight the Thief would pull a crab. I'd provoke it. The NIN and THF would run around trying to line up for SATA.

Then, they'd stand there while the THF went from 50% TP to 100% TP. For 30 seconds or so while I get wailed on by an Incredibly Tough Robber Crab. Or until I lose hate from being cured (or not being cured and nearly dying every other fight), and it runs off towards the mages.

Ocassionally, the Thief would actually have 100% TP at the start of a fight and would SATA Viper Bite onto the Ninja almost immediately. The Ninja still wouldn't Provoke though, so I'd either continue tanking the whole time, or he'd get whiffed at and then it would turn back to me.

It's really quite amazing that anyone could possibly suck that badly. How hard is it to hit a fucking "Provoke" macro every 30 seconds? How the fuck can't a Ninja keep hate with his own and a Thief's weaponskill damage? I'm sitting on TP until 200% and not weaponskilling until 20% HP and end up tanking the rest of the fight afterwards.

Hopefully with the new expansion Square-Enix will have the wisdom to remove Thief from the game between levels 30 to 60. Or ban retarded people from playing it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summoner Merits!

Image Hosted by
I capped Elemental MP Cost this morning. Now I can break out my elemental spirits and they don't cost any more than the avatars. How useful this will be, I'm not sure entirely. I'll go SMN to next Sky farming and see how well they work.

I should probably also pick up a Thunder Spirit. Which, for some reason, I've neglected to ever acquire. Then I'll have all but Dark Spirit. Which is really quite worthless.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but that puts me at 7/10 for Summoner group 1. I'm thinking I'll do up to level 2 Magic Attack and level 2 Physical Attack. That's 5 more merit points and I think I'll consider SMN merits finished. If I find spirit magic accuracy isn't very good I may just put all three in there.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The People's Republic of Amerika

Well, I saw the clips of one Andrew Meyer on Faux News, CNN, etc. Apparently he asked John Kerry some questions, went long with them, and refused to leave, so the police had to restrain him and ended up tasering him. He had a reputation of being a prankster and troublemaker with his wacky antics being posted on his website (linked to above there).

Well, not so much.

You can start by looking at his website. Which isn't interesting or that of an edgy prankster unless I missed something. (Maybe I could start a not-edgy-or-interesting webring and sign Andrew Meyer up? I can probably find more boring blogs out there.)

Then, you can watch the movie:

So, this guy is followed by the police there (hint: they don't like him), he asks a rambling, pointed question or two in about 30 seconds, the police don't like it, so they grab him and start dragging him off.

Now, I'm not sure where police learn about human nature, as they aren't humans, but when you grab someone, from behind, without warning or explaination a normal reaction isn't do wilt like a dying dafodil. Or to swoon appreciatively into their warm, bacon-smelling arms. It's to try and shake them off and perhaps yell, "What the &#%$ are you doing!?!"

It could be all a big misunderstanding though.

Police aren't big on "facts." Sure, they'll make some up when they have to, but someone writing down a bunch of "facts" from observed reality and somehow recording them is anathema to them. This Andrew Meyer was waving around just such a contraption. Those police probably thought he was trying to assasinate a sitting US Senator! They should each be given Medal of Freedom for their quick thinking and heroism!

Well, as it turns out: It was just a book. A liberal polemic called Armed Madhouse that points out some of the messed up stuff our Fearless Decider-in-Chief has done in the past few years.

I guess it's possible to use a book to inflict blunt trauma, but I don't think the Senator was in any real danger.

Funny thing though, seeing the video on TV new channels I was wondering what the book was, and nobody mentioned it. Some guy gets tackled carrying what looks like half a phonebook. He isn't hilariously short, so presumably he wasn't using it to sit or stand on. You might think what book he was holding or what he was asked Senator Kerry might be somehow relevant or worth mentioning rather than just showing the cops beat his ass over and over. But I'm not a cable news producer, so what do I know?

Anyway, it's remarkable to see the Fox and CNN people show only parts of the video and grossly mischaracterize the parts they don't show you.

This morning on Fox's unwatchable morning show, the host asked some random girl from Florida if she thought paid leave pending the results of an investigation was a harsh punishment for several of the officiers involved. The girl said she didn't know about that, but it didn't seem that harsh to her.

I'm kind of split on whether it's harsh or not. On one hand, you got to beat the shit out of a kid and get some paid vacation time. On the otherhand, you can't beat the shit out of anyone else until the investigation is over, or you'll go to jail for it like the regular human residents of Florida. Police thrive on beating up and bullying behind the protection of their badges, so depriving one of them of that is like keeping a pedophile away from children. They can't do (or get to fantasize about) that which they love the most. I'm not a Constitutional Lawyer, but suspending police may actually be cruel and unusual punishment.

The Fox floozy didn't seem too concerned about whether the police were too harsh to a dumb college kid who asked a question and was met with potentially lethal violence. But when you value the police state over personal freedom, why would you?

A lot of people complain about "big government" and our "federal Leviathan." The fact of the matter is, the goons who are most likely to harrass you, beat or kill you, or ruin your life with some ridiculous felony charges are down at the local precinct. And they live for it.

Of course, the biggest sham of the whole event was that the President of FLU came out the next day and said that the local police are going to investigate the actions of the campus police. The police are investigating the police. I wonder if the next time a person is arrested he'll have his request to be the judge or district attorney at his own trial honored? Who could be more impartial an investigator than the people being investigated?

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Police: Not a fan

Now, you might not know this, but this humble author is not a huge fan of the police. Not the idea of the police, mind you.

More, the actual reality of the small town goons who follow me in unmarked cars from my house two miles or so and then stop me because as Chief Davis says he "didn't recognize my car." A good reason to pull somebody over. I mean as chief of police, you must know every car in my shitty little small town, right?

Or their penchant for perjury. The whole never having heard of them telling the truth under oath leaves a sourish taste in my mouth.

But, that was all over a year ago.

The reason I wrote this entry, was because of the gestapo's actions last night. I leave my house around midnight to go meet up with a couple friends. I drive by a restraunt/bar a half mile or so away and see a car with a cop car behind it with the flashers on. I drive by and see in my rear view mirror the cop pulls a fast U-turn and goes nearly twice the speed limit (35mph) to catch up with me. Follows me for a mile or so, and then turns on his lights.

Because my tail lights were "blinking." Let the mechanics of the world know: Tail lights can malfunction by "blinking."

Of course my tail lights weren't actually "blinking" I was just going between 33-36 mph the whole time because I live in a town with shithead, gestapo police who pull me over constantly for reasons such as "blinking" tail lights.

Once stopped I did the usual turn on the dome light and get license, registration, etc out. Officier Hitler (I assume that's his name, I didn't ask) asked me "What were you doing?" to which I replied "Driving." Which I think is probably the best answer when pulled over while driving. What with it not being any of his business and all in the first place. Which was of course followed up with the local police's second favorite question, "Where are you going?" (Third favorite, actually, they usually ask "Where were you coming from?" before that.)

This is best answered with "a friend's house" for a few reasons. First, because you can use it any time of day on any day. You can always be going to or coming from your friend's house. Second, because it is none of the police's business where you are going or what you are doing, by answering "a friend's house" you are techically answering his question without actually telling him anything. It's like becoming a politician without having to be sired by a vampire first and avoid sunlight afterwards.

Officier Hitler graciously returned my licence, registration, et al, and let me go on my way. Praise be to Officier Himmler! Without great people like him our crappy, little town would be in chaos.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pankration: What We (Read: Me) Know So Far

Welcome to the Pit

In order to get started with Pankration, you need to go to the Pit in Whitegate. Bring some Imperial currency, you'll need it. You can exchange Imp. coins for jettons, the currency used in the Pit.

The rates are as follows:
1 bronze = 1 jetton
1 silver = 10
1 mythril = 30
1 gold = 200

Trade coins to Zandjarl by the gate in Annihilation (where you are upon entering) to obtain jettons.

With your shiny new jettons, you can use the services of the Pit. From obtaining Rare/Ex items from Zandjarl, to getting setup with a monster, to paying a fee to enroll your monster in matches.

Where's mah Pokemons?

First, you need a monster. You can either buy a Soultrapper and Blank Soulplates for 2 jettons each from Zandjarl (or HQ for 500 each), and go snap pictures of monsters (more on that in a minute), or you can buy Soul Plates from other players bazaars. I'd recommend you do the former it's a lot cheaper.

Snapping some pics

Once you have a camera and plates, head out and find a mob you'd like to take pictures of. You snap pictures by equipping the Soultrapper and Blank Soul Plate, waiting for the timer to cool down, and using it in your menu on a target monster.

Taking pictures doesn't aggro mobs, but aggressive ones will still attack you if they normally would. You can't take pictures while Sneak or Invisible are up, so you'll have to be careful. You can also take pictures of mobs other people are fighting.

You won't get a soul plate every attempt, and they are consumed each try. There's a one minute cooldown between attempts with the 2 jetton soultrapper. Mobs have several different possible soul plates you can obtain from them.

What affects success isn't currently known for sure. Level difference seems to be a significant factor. You'll get a soul plate nearly every try in Valkurm Dunes, but Molechs on Uleguerand Range will prove more diffcult. Proximity to your target may also affect it.

Once you've used up your soultrapper and plates, it's time to head back to the Pit. Hopefully, with a bunch of soul plates with monster images on them.

P.S. Bring a stack of Ice Crystals.

It's Clobberin' Time! ...Almost.

Now that you're back at the Pit and you've got some Soul Plates, you need to make a monster. If you look through your collection of Soul Plates you'll see they're inscribed like the following:

{Evasion Bonus}

The first line will always be an ability/stats/job. The second is the cost in Feral Points (FP) followed by the mob you obtained it from.


Is a generalized one.

South of Zandjarl (and in similar locations at the three other arena areas) are two NPCs. The one on the left, Abhrem, is the one you need to talk to first. Look through his dialogs and see what he has to say.

Then trade Abhrem the Soul Plate that you'd like to make a pet of along with an Ice Crystal. (You remembered to bring those, right?) Your pet will be a mob of the same family as the one you snapped a picture of. He'll give you a Soul Reflector inscribed with [PitMonster(Lv:X)] where X is the pet's starting level.

Note: Some Soul Plates can't be made into Soul Reflectors. The list includes:
Empty and Sea mobs
CoP level restricted area-only mobs
HNMs (Fafnir, Behemoth, Adamantoise, Khaimera, Hydra, Cerberus, etc)

Trade your new Soul Reflector to him, and it'll open a dialog with the following options:

Quit. (Self-explanatory)
Change monster name. (A good place to start, "PitMonster" vs. "PitMonster" = lame.)
Confirm feral skills.
Remove feral skills.
Confirm FP total. (More on these three in a moment.)
Confirm level and EXP. (Your pet's TNL.)
Confirm monster temperment. (Find out how your monster behaves in response to commands.)
Review terminology. (Self-explanatory)

Confirm feral skills will tell you what, if any, abilities your monster has. The ability on the Soul Plate you used to create it can, sometimes, carry over. There may also sometimes be a skill specific to mob family, but not much is known about this yet.

Remove feral skills lets you remove one of your monster's skills. The reason you might want to do that is because each skill requires a certain amount of Feral Points (FP) and your monster only has so many. (FP increases slowly with level.)

You can teach your monster new feral skills by trading your Soul Reflector along with the Soul Plate with the desired skill. Not all monsters can learn all skills even with enough free FP for them.

Abhrem, and similarly located NPCs, will also tell you what a Soul Plate's ability does and if he can make it into a Soul Reflector by trading it to him.

Trade your Soul Reflector to the NPC next to Abhrem, Kadjayhal, or the similarly located NPC in other arena areas, and for a 1 jetton fee he'll make it an Official Soul Reflector. You can only have one Official Soul Reflector at a time, and can change it back by trading it to him again. The Official Soul Reflector is the monster you can use in matches.

Walk north, trade it to Kaheema (or similar NPC in other arena areas...), and she'll offer to enroll your monster in a match. Or, if your server is packed full of people trying to Pankration like Hades is right now, tell you they are not taking reservations. (You can try the other arena areas and see if you can get a match in one of them.) You can talk to her again to find out what monster yours will be fighting. Unfortunately, there's no way to find out how much longer until your match other than the initial estimate you get.

It's Clobberin' Time! (For real this time.)

After waiting a while, you'll be paged and told to go to the red or blue sides in one of the arena areas. Go there, talk to the guy, and you'll be allowed down to the platform to [humourously named] Speaking Tubes. Here, you can issue commands to your monster during the fight.

Which, it will mostly ignore until around level 12 or so according to most people's experiences with it.

The winning monster is mostly determined by level and monster family it seems. The level 3 worm you got from Konschstat Highlands won't be taking out my level 12 Marid. Though your Evasion+15%, Evasion Bonus, level 10 Wind Wall-spamming Wyvern might be a different story.

Get a job! (And subjob...and job traits...and magic)

If you've been out soultrapping everything in sight, you're probably noticed that you got a few Soul Plates with {Main Job: Black Mage} or something similar as the ability. Just like players, your monster has a main job (and can have a subjob). For most monsters it's Warrior. For others it's Red, Black Mage, or Monk. It's possible to change the main job using the proper Soul Plate. Not all monsters can be all main jobs though.

You can also add a subjob using a {Support Job: SomeJob} Soul Plate.

If you have a spellcasting main or subjob, you'll need to have an appropriate magic scrolls feral skill for your monster to actually use them. If you have a Red Mage Colibri equipping it with {White Magic Scrolls} will enable it to cast Cure. Add {Black Magic Scrolls} and it try to Blind and possibly nuke its opponents.

Monsters seem to learn spells the same level a player of the same job would.

Your monster can also utilize the Job Traits of it's main or subjob if you give it an appropriate feral skill. {Job Trait: Monk} might work wonders for your Mandragora or Taurus monster.

A little more on Feral skills

There are several types of feral skills. Ones that are static bonuses such as {STR+25}. Ones that are static increases such as {Attack +15%}. Others that are like Job Traits and believed to increase in power as your monster levels like {Attack Bonus}. And ones with a level that can increase after every fight such as Lizard Killer or Store TP which have their own levels independent of your monster's level.


That's it for now. I've covered most everything I can think of that somebody would need to get started in Pankration.

I'll spellcheck this later and find the many typos that I'm sure are in it.


Well, SE finally opened the Pit in Whitegate to adventurers and has everyone running around playing a mini-Pokemon knock-off. If it weren't for the extreme amount of time between 1-2 minute matches (we're talking 40 minutes here), it would be pretty awesome.

I've poked around a learned a decent amount about it. It's still unclear which monsters will actually work out the best over time, or what abilities to stack on them. There are some clear winners already. Dragons. They have a powerful Body Slam move that tears up their competition.

I've created a few pets of my own so far, although none of them have leveled yet (See: the ridiculous wait between matches). I've got:

A level 8 Marid PLD/WAR with white magic. He's won his first round and looks like a good chance on the second one.

A level 7 Colibri RDM/ with white and black magic. He's also got INT+25 to boost any nukes substantially.

A level 8 Eruca that's got HP+15% and Evasion Bonus. I'm hoping it will evade and then drop the other monster with Incinerate. Dunno how well that will actually work though.

A level 7 Leech. This was my first one, it won it's first two matches and lost the next four. I'm not happy with him.

I'm hoping that a hybrid melee damage dealer and self-healer will end up being stronger than the pure DD ones, but I haven't gotten to see how my Marid PLD handles himself yet on a strong opponent.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Where are all my Spider Web RMTs?

Well, Square-Enix has been on a roll lately. Every few months they ban hundreds more douchebags for various hacks, selling gil, hopefully buying gil, etc.

Since level 65 or so (care of two long-since-gone Staff merits) I've enjoyed killing weak crappy little monsters as SMN and using Spirit Taker to reduce or eliminate downtime. In a previous post I outlined how I sometimes farm as SMN/THF and like to slaughter weak things either skillchaining with Carby or zerging with Fenrir.

Among my favorites was the noble spider web:
Image Hosted by
Alas, the spider web fell victim to dirty, soulless RMTs from China or somewhere. They would be outside Whitegate 24/7 with 2-4 Black Mages and a Bard or Red Mage. The BRD or RDM would link all the spiders in the area, pull them to the BLMs who would sleep them. They would then all cast Blizzaga III and kill them.

Of course, they're soulless RMTs. Which means they're wildly incompetent. So a few Easy Prey spiders would frequently kill their Bard and/or Black Mages. Sometimes, all of them. People didn't even Diaga to make them unsleepable, they just truly suck horribly.

But, they're missing.

And it seems that they were supplying many of the spider webs across lots of accounts. There was typically 30+ up at a time, but since the update there are frequently only 5 or 6 up. So, either nobody is farming them anymore, or SE banned all the RMTs who were. Or some combination of the two.

Either way, it's had me outside pummelling the crap out of shiny golden spiders and raking in spider webs, Kindred's Seals, and Beastmen's Seals.

I usually waste my Beastmen's Seals on the BCNM50 Treasure's and Tribulations that's "soloable", but have accumulated quite a few Kindred's Seals. I burned 99 in a KS99 not too long ago, and we're apparently going to do another run tomorrow night. I'm not sure if I'm up for another orb yet as we've only done a couple, but hopefully I'll burn another orb and walk away with a Speed Belt for my Waist slot, or a Juggernaut to sell.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Two Kirins

We did two Kirins yesterday. I went as SMN and Nether Blasted them until such a time as they died and I couldn't Nether Blast them. (What with them being dead and all.) The first one dropped a D.body, Pole, and a shining cloth. The second dropped a W.legs (finally!) and another shining cloth.

Both went pretty well. I didn't die until the second one when Kirin summoned that little, radioactive, blue bastard, Carbuncle, who wtfbbqpwned everyone in the area for over 1k damage.

It must have been this past patch as SMN/WHM my Barstonra had me resist 3/3 of the Stonega IVs I got hit with. Two of them didn't break my craptastic Earthen Ward stoneskin. The other did about 50 damage. Both killed at least one other person they hit who was a melee with more HP, so I know it wasn't just a Tarutaru mage with fewer HP or something. People need to read the log and run the hell away though. LOL.

Sadly, no pictures yet again. You'd think I would remember to snap one or two at least by now.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tanking Sky Gods!!!

I finally got to put my Neenja skills to the test and tanked some sky gods tonight! I'm usually BLM or SMN when I go on Sky runs.

As a Ninja tank there's a standard setup you want to go with. /DRK as your support job. 15% or more Haste from gear, hopefully 20-25% (where it caps). Maybe a Bard in your party to give you 2x March songs for even more Haste. People with Flash and Stun to help you recast shadows when they're down. And people to Cure bomb (and Paralyna) you when shit goes wrong. The rest of your equipment is focused around Damage-% and Enmity+.

I had 16% Haste, -25% Physical Damage, and Enmity+14. Which is kind of lacking.

First we did two Suzaku. They went fairly smoothly. We killed it and got an A.abj, two Suzy's Sune-Ate, and a couple random things.

I neglected to take any pictures.

Neither Suzy killed me, although the second was exciting because somebody broke Shadowbind when she used Chainspell. So I took off towards the teleporter that takes you back down to the main island. Suzy came for lunch, casts Burn and Flare which a shadow blinked, -ga3'd my shadows down, and then bitch smacked me.

The other tank came over and Provoked it and ran it back towards where the main alliance was. The PLD got hit or something and shed a little hate, so it came back over to me and swung at my shadows and then went back after the PLD again. Chainspell wore off at this point, so we resumed tanking it and killed it.

Next, we did one Seiryu. We had the new PLD tank that one, he got killed by it around 70%. It kept spamming Radiant Breath and just dropped him after a round of attacks I think. The other PLD took over, and other than a few single swipes (why when it's a MNK, I have no idea) at my shadows it mostly ignored me.

Nope, I didn't think to take any pics of this one either.

Finally, we went to do a Byakko! Byakko is world famous for dropping tanks who are better equipped than myself in a very fast, hilariously overkilled manner. So I was a little worried.

I guess I should probably show what I was wearing at this point:
Image Hosted by
Now, you'll see I was tanking in a lolOsode instead of Arhat's Gi +1, Jelly Ring, Shinobi Ring (I kind of liked this actually more Haste when you need it most), etc. Generally lacking in the Damage-% department. And I was eating Squid Sushi instead of something like Tavnazian Tacos or Pescatora. (I was using a Warwolf Belt rather than Life Belt, but I don't feel like starting FFXI up again to take another pic.)

I did get knocked down to red HP twice, but didn't die. It was in large part due to people being right on top of stuns, with a bunch of them being timed exactly right for me to recast Utsusemi: Ichi uninterrupted. I think our only deaths were Brim our SAM, and Aldo our RNG right at the end of the fight. I'm not sure exactly what happened, (maybe got Claw Cyclone with Berserk up?) but drops were kind of disappointing with no Haidates, just an Axe and an N.abj or something.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
We did get some money drops though, so I lotted @money as I spent all my KS99 gil already. :x I'm going to do some marathon Cooking and save up for a Peacock Charm. Or better yet, save up for an Arhat's Gi +1 next time I tank gods or something hard. LOL.

All in all, a fun night at Sky.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Debates last night

Another strong showing by Ron Paul last night. He's probably awesome because his last name is my first name. That's my theory anyway.

See the YouTube video:

Aren't you proud of me for figuring out how to embed that? Yeah, me neither.

It's remarkable that people like Chris Wallace can be sooooo openly smarmy, snarky, and biased and still have jobs as "journalists." Well, he does work at Faux News, afterall.

I found it interesting the “well if you get rid of the CIA, what will we do then?!” question both during the debate and in the Hannity interview afterwards. That nobody mentioned abolish the CIA and FBI, and we’d still have a dozen intelligence agencies is kind of surprising.

DRG Burn!

DRG Burn!

I was in a TP Burn party yesterday with three Dragoons. The whole two-handed weapon update (which is apparently being nerfed somewhat) is really impressive.

With me (Ninja), RDM, SMN, and DRG x3 we got to chain #47 (note there was no Bard) and got to 20+ several times until another party started camping on top of us and we were lucky to get chain #6 because there were no mobs. Why people want to camp only on Colibri when there's already a bunch of parties there so that both parties can get crap EXP/hr I'll never understand.

SMN Merits

I ended up getting about 35,000 limit points. Enough to get Elemental MP Cost merit #4. I need ~25k more to cap that out. I'm 6/10 in SMN group 1 now, I'll be 7/10 when I cap Elemental MP Cost, and I'll probably just go for a mix of the other group 1 to finish. Maybe two Avatar Magic Att and a second Avatar Physical Att.


While Greater Colibri can be really good EXP, when idiots don't camp on top of your party, I think I'm burned out on them. They attack obnoxiously fast. They gank your food. They reset your TP. I would really much rather do Trolls which attack slow before Elegy. (And the Puppetmaster ones drop Tier II attachments which sell for some nice $$$.)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Somebody Shoot Me

I got a PC copy of FFXI and the three expansions. It took over an hour to install them all, then 30 minutes to update POL to the latest version. Now it's going on two hours to download the FFXI updates, and froze once, so it's checking all 17,ooo files AGAIN.

Once it's installed and up and running I'll of course have no experience with the controls on PC, so it's going to be played on my PS2 for LS stuff. And I'll have no macros, so doing anything on BLM is out until I get all of those rewritten.

I'm unsure if I'll install the unofficial windower or not at this point, but I'm leaning towards 'no.' I've heard people say they got banned for only using the windower and no other third-party programs, and I think they were lying, but don't want the trouble for myself. I could always go upstairs and use the other PC anyway if I really needed to.

Although they've been in reruns for what seems like forever now, not being able to watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report because my TV was tied up with my PS2 was somewhat annoying.

Merit Point Update!

It's been a while since I updated my progress with Merit Points.

A Quick Detour

But first Puppetmaster: Still Level 24. I don't have a bunch of the Attachments for the Automaton yet, but those are down to about 600k for the rest of the good ones. Interestingly, the ones I already have, even the ones that an NPC doesn't sell for 5k or 9k, are about the same price.

Next, Monk: It's almost 48. I will have to start the Artifact Armor quests once I hit 50. Or is it 51? I don't remember, haven't leveled anything to Level 50 in about 6 months. I could go straight to 75 as I have nearly all the gear I need and food isn't particularly expensive either. Well, only 4/8 Hand-to-Hand merits, so I might want to finish those before getting to 75.

Ok, now for the merits...

MP 8/8 has been done for a while now.

0/5 Attributes still. I'll probably do INT for my Black Mage. These are going to take quite a few points.

Combat skills are 8/8 Katana, 4/4 Evasion, 4/8 Hand-to-Hand. I need to finish the H2H for my Monk and lolPuppetmaster.

Magic skills are 8/8 Elemental and Enfeebling magic. Done and not being changed.

Other is still Critical Hit Rate 4/4. I'm still not sure if I want to do Enemy Critical Hit Rate down or Spell Interruption Rate. I'm still leaning towards the first, but there's other stuff I want to finish first.

BLM group 1 is 10/10 in Ice/Thunder Potencies for a while now. I've opened Freeze II, but don't really know what I want to cap in group 2 or if I'll just get them all someday.

NIN group 1 is 0/10 and Subtle Blow+5 is the most appealing thing there. That's really kind of $&%#ed up that SE couldn't do better.

NIN Group 2 has 1/3 in Ninja Tool Expertise. I'll cap that eventually. Possibly open Hyoton: San just to mess around with a NIN/RDM INT+ nuking build. If it doesn't suck too horribly I'd consider three other :San spells and capping potencies in Group 1 maybe too.

SMN I've gotten merit #3 into Elemental MP Cost. One in Physical Accuracy and Attack from before. I'll cap Elemental MP Cost to 5/5 next, and maybe do 3 into Avatar Magic Attack. Group 2 is mostly garbage like the BLM group 2 more elemental damage spells basically.

I'd be getting them done faster I think, but most of what I'm doing is stuff that's not very noticeable. Except for Elemental MP Cost, but I rarely do anything with SMN, so how useful that will end up being is questionable.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Secret Evil Plan

Well, I'm broke again having spent all my recent KS99 winnings. We did one or two more orbs for people yesterday night, so it'll be a while until I get to use another orb.

I ended up buying an Unji and Serket Ring. The Serket Ring let's me not change weapons to proc my Sorcerer's Ring latent. Which allows me to use a Grip with my BLM full-time. The Unji/Unsho combo let's me swing my katanas really fast. If I ever get a Haste item for my Waist I'll regard my Haste-build Ninja as complete.

Now for the plan....

The general outline of my evil plan is this:
1) Kill crabs/pugils.
2) ???
3) Profit!
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More specifically, I'm hoping that the silica that drops somewhat rarely off the fishies in Misereaux Coast that can be made into glass sheets, is used to make these:

Blank High-speed Soul Plate
[Ammo] All RacesA glass plate used in conjunction with a soultrapper to quickly collect data on monsters and other wildlife.
LV 1 All Jobs

They are Exclusive, but I think that they'll be "NPC craftable" like many of the ToAU weird Exclusive items are. Bring the guy some items including a glass plate and he gives you 12 soul plates in return.

Or SE could change them when they're finally in-game as well as being in the .dats.

I've farmed up enough Silica to make six plates so far, and leveled Bonecraft to level 1 on my mule as well. I'd like to have three whole stacks of them, but at the current rate of 2 plates/hr as SMN/THF (which works awesome for farming, btw) that's looking a little unlikely.

I am still aiming to have 12 though, as the 10k gil/each price they're selling for now will sky rocket if suddenly everyone wants to do Pankration (or however it's spelled).

Worst case scenario I'll be selling them off for only ~120k which wouldn't be much for how much time it takes to farm them, but isn't bad either.

SMN/THF and the Two-hander Update

The only mage job that I have leveled that I ever melee on is SMN using /THF for Sneak Attack weaponskills while farming weak stuff.

I could do NIN/THF as well, but having to burn ninjutsu tools while farming kind of defeats the purpose. Additionally, I'm not sure that going Ninja would kill that much faster either. With Signet /healing HP isn't that bad anymore, but it's not great either.

This is my gear setup:
Weapon: Martial Staff
Sub: none, I still need to get a Grip for this slot. I'll probably go with Platinum Grip for the Added: Stun
Ammo: Fenrir's Stone
Head: W. Turban
Body: Austere Robe
Hands: Relic
Legs: Relic
Feet: Artifact +1
Rings: Evoker's + Tamas (perpCost -1, and Enmity-3, Acc is capped on EP and lower anyway.)
Earrings: Brutal + Ethereral (some Attack+ and Double Attack can proc on Spirit Taker, though rarely, for 50% more damage/MP recovered)
Waist: Swift Belt (if I had it, Life Belt or just Hierarch Belt because I don't, Sword Belt +1 would work too)
Food: Meat! Sis Kebabi are available from the vendor for 2k in Whitegate. Although that's actually kind of expensive compared to Mithkabobs that AH for 4k gil for 12 of them.

Doing spiders outside Whitegate for their webs and some seals is a personal favorite as there's no travel involved, and it doesn't take many webs to pay for a Limbus run. Using Fenrir and Sneak Attack + Spirit Taker I can kill them indefinitely without running out of MP while spamming Eclipse Bite.

As long as there isn't more than one add (and provided it doesn't Acid Spray which is a potent poison) Fenrir kills the spider with more than half health left over and I take little/no damage.

Doing Too Weak mobs I prefer to use Carby. I switch to using Poison Nails -> SA+Retribution to make Reverberation, which can be up to 50% of the Retribution's damage. Carby doesn't keep hate very well on Too Weaks because I've got much higher pDIF on them, particularly with meat active, so I use Relic feet instead of Artifact +1 and use SA+Spirit Taker periodically to recover MP. I'm only consuming 20MP/min in perpetuation cost though and maybe 20 more from Poison Nails and the occassional Healing Ruby, so that's only once every ~10 minutes.

The changed gear below:
Weapon: Martial Staff
Sub: none, I still need to get a Grip for this slot. I'll probably go with Platinum Grip for the Added: Stun
Ammo: Fenrir's Stone
Head: W. Turban
Body: Austere Robe
Hands: Carby Mitts
Legs: Relic
Feet: Relic
Rings: Evoker's + Tamas
Earrings: Brutal + Ethereral
Waist: Swift Belt (if I had it, Life Belt or just Hierarch Belt because I don't)
Food: Still meat!

I'm typically killing faster than other people I see soloing outside Whitegate (well, was pre-2h update anyway), so it seems pretty effective to me.