Thursday, September 6, 2007

DRG Burn!

DRG Burn!

I was in a TP Burn party yesterday with three Dragoons. The whole two-handed weapon update (which is apparently being nerfed somewhat) is really impressive.

With me (Ninja), RDM, SMN, and DRG x3 we got to chain #47 (note there was no Bard) and got to 20+ several times until another party started camping on top of us and we were lucky to get chain #6 because there were no mobs. Why people want to camp only on Colibri when there's already a bunch of parties there so that both parties can get crap EXP/hr I'll never understand.

SMN Merits

I ended up getting about 35,000 limit points. Enough to get Elemental MP Cost merit #4. I need ~25k more to cap that out. I'm 6/10 in SMN group 1 now, I'll be 7/10 when I cap Elemental MP Cost, and I'll probably just go for a mix of the other group 1 to finish. Maybe two Avatar Magic Att and a second Avatar Physical Att.


While Greater Colibri can be really good EXP, when idiots don't camp on top of your party, I think I'm burned out on them. They attack obnoxiously fast. They gank your food. They reset your TP. I would really much rather do Trolls which attack slow before Elegy. (And the Puppetmaster ones drop Tier II attachments which sell for some nice $$$.)

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