Monday, September 3, 2007

Merit Point Update!

It's been a while since I updated my progress with Merit Points.

A Quick Detour

But first Puppetmaster: Still Level 24. I don't have a bunch of the Attachments for the Automaton yet, but those are down to about 600k for the rest of the good ones. Interestingly, the ones I already have, even the ones that an NPC doesn't sell for 5k or 9k, are about the same price.

Next, Monk: It's almost 48. I will have to start the Artifact Armor quests once I hit 50. Or is it 51? I don't remember, haven't leveled anything to Level 50 in about 6 months. I could go straight to 75 as I have nearly all the gear I need and food isn't particularly expensive either. Well, only 4/8 Hand-to-Hand merits, so I might want to finish those before getting to 75.

Ok, now for the merits...

MP 8/8 has been done for a while now.

0/5 Attributes still. I'll probably do INT for my Black Mage. These are going to take quite a few points.

Combat skills are 8/8 Katana, 4/4 Evasion, 4/8 Hand-to-Hand. I need to finish the H2H for my Monk and lolPuppetmaster.

Magic skills are 8/8 Elemental and Enfeebling magic. Done and not being changed.

Other is still Critical Hit Rate 4/4. I'm still not sure if I want to do Enemy Critical Hit Rate down or Spell Interruption Rate. I'm still leaning towards the first, but there's other stuff I want to finish first.

BLM group 1 is 10/10 in Ice/Thunder Potencies for a while now. I've opened Freeze II, but don't really know what I want to cap in group 2 or if I'll just get them all someday.

NIN group 1 is 0/10 and Subtle Blow+5 is the most appealing thing there. That's really kind of $&%#ed up that SE couldn't do better.

NIN Group 2 has 1/3 in Ninja Tool Expertise. I'll cap that eventually. Possibly open Hyoton: San just to mess around with a NIN/RDM INT+ nuking build. If it doesn't suck too horribly I'd consider three other :San spells and capping potencies in Group 1 maybe too.

SMN I've gotten merit #3 into Elemental MP Cost. One in Physical Accuracy and Attack from before. I'll cap Elemental MP Cost to 5/5 next, and maybe do 3 into Avatar Magic Attack. Group 2 is mostly garbage like the BLM group 2 more elemental damage spells basically.

I'd be getting them done faster I think, but most of what I'm doing is stuff that's not very noticeable. Except for Elemental MP Cost, but I rarely do anything with SMN, so how useful that will end up being is questionable.

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