Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monk Tanking

So, I've been trying to level Monk lately. I got it to level 48 and stopped for a while. Picked it up again, and got it to level 52. Mostly in parties in Kuftal Tunnel on Robber Crabs. For two of the three parties, we had decent tanks. But neither were confident in their abilities, so I was asked to sub Ninja for Utsusemi: Ichi, so that I wouldn't be gangraped.

For this last one, we had the worst Ninja on Hades. And, we had the worst Thief on Hades. So, in your typical fight the Thief would pull a crab. I'd provoke it. The NIN and THF would run around trying to line up for SATA.

Then, they'd stand there while the THF went from 50% TP to 100% TP. For 30 seconds or so while I get wailed on by an Incredibly Tough Robber Crab. Or until I lose hate from being cured (or not being cured and nearly dying every other fight), and it runs off towards the mages.

Ocassionally, the Thief would actually have 100% TP at the start of a fight and would SATA Viper Bite onto the Ninja almost immediately. The Ninja still wouldn't Provoke though, so I'd either continue tanking the whole time, or he'd get whiffed at and then it would turn back to me.

It's really quite amazing that anyone could possibly suck that badly. How hard is it to hit a fucking "Provoke" macro every 30 seconds? How the fuck can't a Ninja keep hate with his own and a Thief's weaponskill damage? I'm sitting on TP until 200% and not weaponskilling until 20% HP and end up tanking the rest of the fight afterwards.

Hopefully with the new expansion Square-Enix will have the wisdom to remove Thief from the game between levels 30 to 60. Or ban retarded people from playing it.

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