Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, SE finally opened the Pit in Whitegate to adventurers and has everyone running around playing a mini-Pokemon knock-off. If it weren't for the extreme amount of time between 1-2 minute matches (we're talking 40 minutes here), it would be pretty awesome.

I've poked around a learned a decent amount about it. It's still unclear which monsters will actually work out the best over time, or what abilities to stack on them. There are some clear winners already. Dragons. They have a powerful Body Slam move that tears up their competition.

I've created a few pets of my own so far, although none of them have leveled yet (See: the ridiculous wait between matches). I've got:

A level 8 Marid PLD/WAR with white magic. He's won his first round and looks like a good chance on the second one.

A level 7 Colibri RDM/ with white and black magic. He's also got INT+25 to boost any nukes substantially.

A level 8 Eruca that's got HP+15% and Evasion Bonus. I'm hoping it will evade and then drop the other monster with Incinerate. Dunno how well that will actually work though.

A level 7 Leech. This was my first one, it won it's first two matches and lost the next four. I'm not happy with him.

I'm hoping that a hybrid melee damage dealer and self-healer will end up being stronger than the pure DD ones, but I haven't gotten to see how my Marid PLD handles himself yet on a strong opponent.

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