Friday, September 7, 2007

Tanking Sky Gods!!!

I finally got to put my Neenja skills to the test and tanked some sky gods tonight! I'm usually BLM or SMN when I go on Sky runs.

As a Ninja tank there's a standard setup you want to go with. /DRK as your support job. 15% or more Haste from gear, hopefully 20-25% (where it caps). Maybe a Bard in your party to give you 2x March songs for even more Haste. People with Flash and Stun to help you recast shadows when they're down. And people to Cure bomb (and Paralyna) you when shit goes wrong. The rest of your equipment is focused around Damage-% and Enmity+.

I had 16% Haste, -25% Physical Damage, and Enmity+14. Which is kind of lacking.

First we did two Suzaku. They went fairly smoothly. We killed it and got an A.abj, two Suzy's Sune-Ate, and a couple random things.

I neglected to take any pictures.

Neither Suzy killed me, although the second was exciting because somebody broke Shadowbind when she used Chainspell. So I took off towards the teleporter that takes you back down to the main island. Suzy came for lunch, casts Burn and Flare which a shadow blinked, -ga3'd my shadows down, and then bitch smacked me.

The other tank came over and Provoked it and ran it back towards where the main alliance was. The PLD got hit or something and shed a little hate, so it came back over to me and swung at my shadows and then went back after the PLD again. Chainspell wore off at this point, so we resumed tanking it and killed it.

Next, we did one Seiryu. We had the new PLD tank that one, he got killed by it around 70%. It kept spamming Radiant Breath and just dropped him after a round of attacks I think. The other PLD took over, and other than a few single swipes (why when it's a MNK, I have no idea) at my shadows it mostly ignored me.

Nope, I didn't think to take any pics of this one either.

Finally, we went to do a Byakko! Byakko is world famous for dropping tanks who are better equipped than myself in a very fast, hilariously overkilled manner. So I was a little worried.

I guess I should probably show what I was wearing at this point:
Image Hosted by
Now, you'll see I was tanking in a lolOsode instead of Arhat's Gi +1, Jelly Ring, Shinobi Ring (I kind of liked this actually more Haste when you need it most), etc. Generally lacking in the Damage-% department. And I was eating Squid Sushi instead of something like Tavnazian Tacos or Pescatora. (I was using a Warwolf Belt rather than Life Belt, but I don't feel like starting FFXI up again to take another pic.)

I did get knocked down to red HP twice, but didn't die. It was in large part due to people being right on top of stuns, with a bunch of them being timed exactly right for me to recast Utsusemi: Ichi uninterrupted. I think our only deaths were Brim our SAM, and Aldo our RNG right at the end of the fight. I'm not sure exactly what happened, (maybe got Claw Cyclone with Berserk up?) but drops were kind of disappointing with no Haidates, just an Axe and an N.abj or something.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
We did get some money drops though, so I lotted @money as I spent all my KS99 gil already. :x I'm going to do some marathon Cooking and save up for a Peacock Charm. Or better yet, save up for an Arhat's Gi +1 next time I tank gods or something hard. LOL.

All in all, a fun night at Sky.

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