Sunday, September 9, 2007

Two Kirins

We did two Kirins yesterday. I went as SMN and Nether Blasted them until such a time as they died and I couldn't Nether Blast them. (What with them being dead and all.) The first one dropped a D.body, Pole, and a shining cloth. The second dropped a W.legs (finally!) and another shining cloth.

Both went pretty well. I didn't die until the second one when Kirin summoned that little, radioactive, blue bastard, Carbuncle, who wtfbbqpwned everyone in the area for over 1k damage.

It must have been this past patch as SMN/WHM my Barstonra had me resist 3/3 of the Stonega IVs I got hit with. Two of them didn't break my craptastic Earthen Ward stoneskin. The other did about 50 damage. Both killed at least one other person they hit who was a melee with more HP, so I know it wasn't just a Tarutaru mage with fewer HP or something. People need to read the log and run the hell away though. LOL.

Sadly, no pictures yet again. You'd think I would remember to snap one or two at least by now.

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