Monday, September 10, 2007

Where are all my Spider Web RMTs?

Well, Square-Enix has been on a roll lately. Every few months they ban hundreds more douchebags for various hacks, selling gil, hopefully buying gil, etc.

Since level 65 or so (care of two long-since-gone Staff merits) I've enjoyed killing weak crappy little monsters as SMN and using Spirit Taker to reduce or eliminate downtime. In a previous post I outlined how I sometimes farm as SMN/THF and like to slaughter weak things either skillchaining with Carby or zerging with Fenrir.

Among my favorites was the noble spider web:
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Alas, the spider web fell victim to dirty, soulless RMTs from China or somewhere. They would be outside Whitegate 24/7 with 2-4 Black Mages and a Bard or Red Mage. The BRD or RDM would link all the spiders in the area, pull them to the BLMs who would sleep them. They would then all cast Blizzaga III and kill them.

Of course, they're soulless RMTs. Which means they're wildly incompetent. So a few Easy Prey spiders would frequently kill their Bard and/or Black Mages. Sometimes, all of them. People didn't even Diaga to make them unsleepable, they just truly suck horribly.

But, they're missing.

And it seems that they were supplying many of the spider webs across lots of accounts. There was typically 30+ up at a time, but since the update there are frequently only 5 or 6 up. So, either nobody is farming them anymore, or SE banned all the RMTs who were. Or some combination of the two.

Either way, it's had me outside pummelling the crap out of shiny golden spiders and raking in spider webs, Kindred's Seals, and Beastmen's Seals.

I usually waste my Beastmen's Seals on the BCNM50 Treasure's and Tribulations that's "soloable", but have accumulated quite a few Kindred's Seals. I burned 99 in a KS99 not too long ago, and we're apparently going to do another run tomorrow night. I'm not sure if I'm up for another orb yet as we've only done a couple, but hopefully I'll burn another orb and walk away with a Speed Belt for my Waist slot, or a Juggernaut to sell.

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