Wednesday, October 17, 2007

5/5 Monk Artifact Armor!

Well, I got some help from LS and found the coffer in Garlaige Citadel to obtain my Temple Crown. Which puts me at 5/5 Monk AF, and finished! Woohoo!

I also decided to go solo some experience points (and then limit points after I recap EXP), so that I could get some Hand-to-Hand merits and recover the EXP I lost in Dynamis - Buburimu to Dhalmel madness. Which I'd be lying if I said it went well. I slept two Wamouras and ran to the far side of the western island on Mount Z. Cast Deodorize, and went to rest. Found out that they don't track by scent, and got killed. Being in the middle of nowwhere, I HP'd to lose 2.4k EXP more.

I decide to go right back and take the Nyzul Isle Runic Portal back this time instead of walking to Halvung and casting Escape. So, on my way past the Mamool Jas, the Greater Colibri, etc, I happen upon a Wivre:
Image Hosted by
Cute little fella, isn't he? (Picture blatantly stolen from the Wiki.)

So, I killed him. And I got a Wivre Hide and Horn. The hide goes for a whopping 200,000+ gil. The horn goes for 3k gil.

I tried to see if I could go 2/2 on the hide. Gravity wore fast, Bind resisted, Sleep resisted, and I got run down and butt raped. In my butt. Quite hard.

I waited for 5 minutes, and the nearby party didn't raise me. I went to drop the car off at the mechanic's and came back with 20 minutes until auto-Home Pointing. Still nobody had cast Raise on me. I ask a few people in LS, and nobody was on or willing to come which is understandable. Finally, somebody offers to come, and the party's Bard came over and raised me.

I ended up on Mount Z, and soloed maybe 5k EXP, but only ended up about 1k ahead for the day due to all my bad luck/stupidity. Oh well, off to do Limbus now.

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