Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Double Dragonian!

Well, I went on a KS30 run with a couple people from the new HopeIess LS tonight in hopes of getting Destroyers.
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They're basically the best non-Relic weapon for Monks once you unlock the latent effect.

At level 64, where I've been for two and a half days with no parties now, I'm using a DMG+19 Delay+96 set of Cross-counters. Those are quite nice because they have Counter+5 which gives you more or less a 45% counter rate while using counterstance. There's differring opinions about using counterstance, but I find that while /NIN with a Ninja tank or /WAR with a PLD (or known to be very good Ninja) as long as what I'm fighting doesn't have any hard-hitting TP moves that it works quite well. Now that I'm level 64 I may just start swapping to my damage reduction gear that I have from leveling Ninja instead though.

So, I asked on BG about strats for doing the Double Dragonian KS30. My long time readers know that I love dragons, and as you may guess from the name, the KS30 has two dragons. The replies were basically that it was pretty easy, but I've also heard horror stories. This leaves me a little nervous.

We all arrive at the burning circle and as custom dictates /random to see who will go first. If I weren't playing on PS2, people would probably think I use some sort of /random hack, because I win about half the time. Or I go last. There's really no inbetween for me. So, I roll an 896 and nobody beats it.

In we go.

There's a Bard dragon and a Warrior one. Our plan is we kill the Warrior, while our Bard sleeps the Bard dragon and then runs away down the path to the entrance. Then we kill the Bard dragon. And they get super-powered up after they use their two hour abilities, so they need to die FAST as soon as they do. They also have a Curse-breath attack that takes your total HP down to about 300 which is less than what they hit for after they two hour.

Luckily, we had a very skilled White Mage who kept everyone alive. We literally killed them both in under four minutes. I let everyone run away so they wouldn't have to walk around from where it dumps you after winning to the burning circle again, and popped the chest. And see a bunch of "grats!" and "Congratulations!" in the party chat. And a pair of shiny new Destroyers dropped. Yay!

We did four more orbs and they all went pretty smooth. No deaths, and a few people got some decent money drops. We also got the Rare/Ex Greatsword that the other Ninja who was leveling Paladin wanted for skilling up. A pretty fun and rewarding run.

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