Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dynamis - Buburimu

Well, we had another shot at Dynamis-Buburimu last night. As longtime readers know, I'm not a huge fan of it on account of all the dragons.

We went in with a few modifications to our strategy as well as two Kracken Club Dark Knights who were somebody's friends. The KC DRK is probably the highest damaging job in the game for the 1 minute (or however long) that Blood Weapon + Souleater takes 10% of the DRK's max HP 2-8 times every two or so seconds. It's a legendary sort of thrashing.

We killed a few of the dragons that remove the mega boss, Apocalyptic Beast's special abilities and 2hrs. Specifically:
  • Body Slam is massive AoE damage does ~800 damage to nearby mages killing them rapidly.
  • The AoE damage + paralyze one... Ground Stomp or something?
  • Wind Breath which was what killed us last time.
  • Petro Eyes a gaze-based petrify that only works if you're facing the dragon...which people of course faced. LOL.
  • Benediction it's always bad when the monster you just got to 5% HP refills it's HP completely.

That left the mega boss quite vulnerable, and almost certainly guarranteed us victory with just over 15 minutes left to pull and fight it.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find it. WTF. Eight people ran around checking the entire place and the freaking dragon was nowhere to be found.

So, we ended up running out of time not clearing the thing because nobody had seen the boss the entire time. /sigh

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