Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dynamis - Buburimu...Again!

We had another attempt at Dynamis - Buburimu tonight. It went really well, and we killed Apocalyptic Beast, the mega boss dragon of the area, with 10 minutes to spare!

After that we killed some crabs on the beach going towards Bibiki Bay. They can drop the DRG & BLM belts....and they dropped the BLM one! I hadn't lottted any relic armor in quite a while, so as point leader they went to me.
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A little tweaking, and I think I can still use it with my Sorcerer's Ring just fine. I'm selling the Hume RSE Ocean Rope that I had been using for the longest time. I'll get a Penitent's Rope for Red Mage if/when I level it.

If I ever get the Apollyon BLM item, I think I'll be basically done with BLM gear with the AF Hat +1.

We also farmed some birds which were pretty fun. I soloed a couple of them Gravity kiting style. A Duelist's Glove -1 dropped, which went to Varumar.

Then, we tried the infamous Dhalmels. Infamous, because you pull three of them and each one spawns 5 more. I've got pictures of the wipe that ensued that I'll post soon.

All in all, a fun run. It's nice to have finally cleared that.

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