Monday, October 15, 2007

Monk Artifact Armor

Well, I hit level 60 Monk a few days ago. And I still hadn't gotten any of the Monk Artifact Armor (AF). I hadn't started them mostly because my Black Mage AF hands quest was still open, and you can't start another one of those until you finish the current one. So, I finished that up and got ready to start the Monk set.

Of the five pieces in the set...the Feet are mostly worthless, the legs are worthless, the hands are pretty decent to macro in for Boost, the head is good for macroing in with Focus, and the body is good for macroing in with Chakra. You wouldn't really want to wear any piece fulltime over the available Auction House alternatives though.

So, I did the weapon quest, and promptly dropped the awful weapon that's the reward.

Next, came the quest for the AF feet. This involved walking all the way into the frozen North of Fei'Yin for a cutscene, and then going to Davoi and killing two Notorious Monsters. Well, not quite. I went as Summoner, popped the two NMs, hit them with Thunderspark so they began attacking Ramuh (instead of me), and then pulled them away from their hut. Ran back over and checked the hut a second time, and they lost interest in me and I got the key item. Returned to Bastok, and had some shiny new boots.

At this point there's a fork in the road. I could flag both the hands quest and the legs quest. The hands quest requires getting the coffer in Crawler's Nest and then killing Dark Spark in Castle Zvahl Bailey. Pretty easy, most of the work involves just getting the coffer key to drop. After flagging the hands, you can also get two other pieces out of coffers in Beadeaux and Garlaige Citadel.

The legs quest involves popping a Yagudo Monk NM which has a ludicrious amount of HP (between 30,000-50,000) in Castle Oztroja.

So, I decided to do the hands quest and coffers first. The keys in Crawler's Nest and Garlaige dropped pretty quick. No more than 20 minutes each one. The one in Beadeaux took about 4 hours. I asked Doggy and Lilbunnyfufu to come help and they killed mobs that drop the key with me for an hour or so before they had to do Sky with their LS.

Actually finding the coffers wasn't too bad, but I still need to get the one in Garlaige Citadel. The stupid doors take four people to open and everyone hates going to do it. Hopefully, I'll get it done later today when more people are online.

Earlier, I went to go and try to solo the Yagudo Monk NM. I popped it, and pulled it back partially down the stairs where I hoped to fight it without linking the other Yagudo. Another Monk and White Mage Yagudo promptly linked and I was under constant attack by all three.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried at this point. So, I asked for help in my LS and everyone who was online on my Friend List at this point. But, being at the top of Castle Oztroja which is kind of remote I was on my own for the next 20 or so minutes.

I came prepared though with my secret weapon: a Dagger. More specifically, a Heart Snatcher which is a crappy relatively Dagger that I wasted hours breaking the latent DMG and critical hit rate boost for the two times I've used it in Limbus. A Thief wouldn't consider using it, but it's actually one of the better ones available to Ninjas.

Being NIN/RDM I had high evasion which was boosted further by evasion gear. I recast Utsusemi: Ni and then cast Stoneskin + Phalanx. The MNK & WHM checked Too Weak, and were only hitting me for low double digits. With Phalanx, they frequently hit for 0, and Stoneskin wasn't breaking even when both Utsusemi timers weren't ready. I killed the MNK, and got the WHM down to <10% of it's HP. At which point I switched back to the MNK NM and began whittling down it's massive HP. Using Energy Drain on the WHM every 100% TP to recover my MP and outlast the two Yagudo.

After the tenth or so Energy Drain, the WHM only gave me 14 MP back and ceased casting spells. So, I killed it and started using my extra Yag Drinks to keep MP up. A few minutes later Keffka, a Red Mage from my LS, came and joined me. We got it down to about 30% HP and the Yagudo used Hundred Fists. At which time it began to miss me with its attacks at a much higher rate of speed than it had previously. Doggy and Fufu arrived right after Hundred Fists wore off and we quickly finished it off the Yagudo off and I got my Xalmo Feather!

When the Yag was around 10% HP some random guy came from behind me and cast Cure 3 on me. As it turns out, another group was there to kill the NM also. We teamed up with them and killed it in a few minutes before departing.

I returned to Bastok, yet again, and claimed my totally worthless AF legs.

Now just to open the coffer in Garlaige Citadel and I'll be 5/5 on MNK AF! Yay! I'll post some pictures later today or tomorrow.

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