Wednesday, October 10, 2007


As my last few entries would indicate, I've been leveling the Monk job in FFXI. As one of, if not the highest, DPS jobs in the game, Monks are a royal pain in the ass to keep from getting slaughtered when you're the tank. Having leveled Ninja, a tank job, right before Monk I'm well aware of this. Post level 51 there's a bit of a dilemma with which support job to use in pickup parties.

On one hand, you can go with /Warrior. You get Berserk and Double Attack which boosts your damage by 20-30% easily. Your per-punch damage will be higher while Berserk is active 60% of the time, you'll get 10% more punches because of the 10% Double Attack rate, and your weaponskills will occassionally be huge because of an extra hit from Double Attack. It basically takes Monk with no support job from being a heavy hitter to being a complete beast.

But that has it's downsides. Blow off nearly 20% of a Lesser Colibri's life with a Howling Fist that Double Attacked? Sure, it's cool, but then you get beaten on the rest of the fight. The stupid bird will probably steal your food as well, which makes it get expensive in addition to bloody.

On the otherhand, you can go with /Ninja. You get Resist Bind. Which is very useful for...running away from Worms that cast Bind I guess. Which is all but completely useless since it doesn't even activate much anyway even if you find something that uses Bind. You also get the very useful for absorbing damage Utsusemi: Ichi. Which keeps you from getting your ass handed to you if the tank sucks or your weaponskill pisses off the mob.

After a few parties going back and forth with each, I'm starting to like /NIN over /WAR even though the damage disappoints. I can take 5-6 hits no problem and with Counterstance and Cross-counters, I'll counterattack instead of getting hit when shadows drop about half the time.

It makes the Utsusemi: Onry Ninjas a little more tolerable.

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