Saturday, October 20, 2007

On to 75!!!

I soloed 6 merit points on Black Mage over the past few days and got my 7th Hand-to-Hand merit.

Which has me capped again for 61 Monk, and will get me to 70 before I need the last one. It'll also get me Dragon Kick at level 62. Which by most accounts sucks horribly, but will be cool to have anyway.

It'll also have me ready to go for Puppetmaster, but until I get the rest of the Attachments for the Automaton I don't think I'll level it further. (It's 24.)

I'll probably level RDM next as there are things you can solo as RDM that other jobs wouldn't dare try. Fighting the MNK AF3 NM mostly solo kind of inspired me. The pile of Red Mage gear I have sitting on my mule may have had something to do with it as well. :-p

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