Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Small Rant

Well, I really HATE looking for a party on Monk. The past twenty something hours playing time I spent reading webpages while my party flag was up.

Then I got bored and went and leveled a second Pankration monster (a WAR Evil Weapon) called Griffe Cyclone. He's now level 30 and has innate HP Max +15% and Accuracy Bonus. I've given him Arcana Killer, Beast Killer (because everyone has some cheap ass Mimic or Rabbit as their monster), and Damage Reduction Bonus. I'll go and take a few hundred pictures of Efts later to get Dispelling Attack which should make other people's fast attacking Enspell monsters and indestructible Phalanx ones killable.

Anyway, I'm sitting in Qubia Arena right now. And have been for close to half an hour. I agreed to help a friend who needed Mission 5-1 as my Monk is level 50 and the 5-1 boss is a Skeleton. Skeletons take 25% more damage from hand-to-hand attacks, so Monks make short work of it. I haven't asked, but I'm pretty sure they're running here in full Dusk gear while Cursed from fighting a ghost on the way. Because it's taking them fucking forever.

Oh, and the one idiot just disbanded the whole party instead of dropping so they could do a Teleport-Vahzl and get here faster than walking the whole way.

Now, twenty minutes later, the Black Mage who was coming dropped party and isn't responding, and the two morons still aren't in Fei'Yin yet.

About 20 minutes from now I'm supposed to be at the trail markings for Dynamis - Beaucedine. Somehow I'm thinking I'll be late. Bleach smoothies for these morons.

And they don't have the Beaucedine Glacier map, so my buddy is outside Fei'Yin giving them directions to it. I bet they aggro and die once they get inside. People like this are proof that evolution favors stupidity.

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