Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Small Update

We finally went into the BCNM I came prepared with 6 Hi-Potions and a Meat Mithkabob. The RDM doesn't Dispel the Ice Spikes immediately, and I'm not sure what the PLD did with Invincible and Holy Circle thing he/she was supposed to, but I wasn't intimidating the NM that I noticed.

I pop all my Job Abilities and Hundred Fists. NM starts to die pretty rapidly. I wasn't paying attention to what everyone else was doing, but I had one or two other skeletons hitting me and nobody curing. Three people died. Hundred Fists wore off. I punch it down the last 20% with just me and the PLD alive. I pop my Hi-Potions, and finish the fight with four skeletons whiffing at me and ~500 HP.

I'm pretty sure a Monk has soloed it, and after seeing how weak the NM was it isn't surprising. Hell, the body armor I had on was an HQ fishing skill +1 body. And it didn't hit very hard even with Counterstance up.

I switched over to black mage, and met up for another Dynamis - Beaucedine run. We ended up getting only one 100 piece and Koga Chainmail which went to Izar. It's a really nice piece and he's wanted it for a while. About ten more and I can get one. :-)

We went to pop the Relic Shield NM, popped it with a decent amount of time left, killed it, and...anyone need a Bravura? Because nobody in our LS did, so the Attestation that dropped was garbage. :-(

Oh, and the dozen or so Hydras then came back gangraped everyone, but I don't think anyone really cared at that point. At least once they knew it was the wrong attestation. Well, Friday is another day.

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