Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ron Paul Rally in Philly

My Dad mentioned to me that there was going to be a Ron Paul Rally in Philly and asked me if I wanted to go about two weeks ago. I said yes, so I was woken up bright and early and we hopped on the train from 69th Street into Center City and ended up at Independence Hall.

Oh, it finally started feeling like November here, by the way. But I was kind of used to the 70F weather of the previous three months and I didn't bring a heavy coat. Or gloves. Or a hat. Or anything else one might bring when he's aware he'll get a seat in the 'Veteran's Only' section (it was on or near Veteran's Day) with his Dad. So, I froze my ass off pretty well.

You can see me in the pictures on the Red State Eclectic blog here. You'll also see that THOUSANDS of people must be "Internet spammers" as the mainstream media has been portraying all of Ron Paul's support. The crowd was huge. I'd guessed it was probably over 1,200.

Media outlets have said I was off by 3-4x the actual amount. Which I guess is what I get having never tried to guess how many people were in a crowd (that I couldn't even see all of) before.

Ron's speech was great. He talked for about 45 minutes and articulated his message quite well.

Ron Paul basically wants the US Gov't to stop slaughtering foreigners indescriminantly and dismantle it's empire of 700 bases abroad. Instead, focusing on actual national defense. Talking with people instead of threatening to nuke them if they don't do exactly as Washington tells them to do, etc. That's his traditional foreign policy of non-interventionism: Peace and trade with other countries, but minding our business politically.

At home, Ron wants to stop expanding the welfare state, and slowly shrink it. With the trillions of dollars saved by stopping our Interventionist foreign policy he'll fund Social Security for the existing commitments it has (to old people and those retiring soonish) and allow young people to opt-out of it. All these reductions in spending would also allow him to abolish the income tax and IRS. And he's not in favor of a bait and switch or shuffling the deck around with Fair Taxes or national sales taxes or whatever else either.

The plan basically comes down to increased freedom and prosperity for the American people, less foreigners who are inclined to strap bombs to themselves and blow us up, and less of the complete secrecy about what our government is actually doing both at home and abroad.

And with the biggest single fundraising day of US Presidential election history and possibly another one on December 16th there's a real chance of a President Paul next January.

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