Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So, I went to UPS this morning at 6:45 to see about the thrower job. It was supposed to be in my crappy hometown, and moving boxes or something. It turns out it's in the city by the airport. And it's not moving boxes, it's moving gigantic pallettes of boxes off planes from a platform thingy that's 35 feet in the air.

"I hope nobody is scared of heights!" the manager/trainer guy who was giving the tour said. A tour I wasn't expecting, and neither were any of the other 10-15 people who were there were either.

Well, as it turns out your humble author gets disoriented standing on chairs. I'm badass though, so I didn't say anything, but kind of had to be careful not to walk on the giant metal slot thing that seemed to drop several feet into darkness in the concrete beneath me on this big runway that there were two cargo planes landed on.

The trainer guy also said to get a ski mask and some heavy gloves and that nobody would look twice at you in them. What with you working at 4AM in December and all.

So, while it would have been cool to have a few grand a year for school, health insurance, etc, ...yeah. That's not going to work out. I also looked like a bit of a jack ass being in dress pants and shirt while half the people wore much more comfortable jeans and t-shirts.

Pretty bizarre fucking bait and switch if you ask me. I'm not an expert, but I think you're supposed to get the other party to commit before you pull the switch.

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