Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yinyangs and Merit Points and Accidental NMs, Oh my!

So, I've been looking for a job for a while, and will probably get one about twelve hours from now being a thrower at Oops. ("Package handler" at UPS) Which, by most accounts, sucks horribly. But it's only 4-5 hours a day, early in the morning, so I can still go to the Friday Homebrew meetings, hang out with friends, and play FFXI in the evenings. And when school starts back up there's no classes at those hours, so I could continue doing it then.

Yinyang Robe at Last!
Well, I went to camp the Yinyang Robe twice again this week with a couple people from the new Hopeless LS. It's been the bane of my FFXI existence for about two years now since SE added Shikigami Weapon and YYR. The NM itself spawns invisible and runs around Ro'Maeve stupidly fast, and can only be made visible if someone aggros it with magic.

As everything else there aggros to magic, and mage jobs don't have Widescan (to be able to tell where it is), you pretty much need at least three people. Getting 3+ people to come camp an NM every 21 hours later until you get the claim on Shikigami and the thing to actually drop is a massive pain in the ass.

But, despite all this, Doggy, Lilbunnyfufu, Seral, Shavra, Lytoma, and a couple others came to camp it with me a few times. And this past Wednesday, I finally got it! I've moved my trusty Austere Robe and Vermillion Cloak off to my mule for now. I'm not sure whether I'll keep or sell them yet.

Merit Points

I have been 7/8 Hand-to-Hand merits for a while now. The eighth one kicks in at level 65, which is one level higher than my Monk currently is stuck at 64. I'd gotten most of my past two merit points doing Sky farming....which should give you an idea how much luck we usually have getting Diorite to drop for Ullikummi or getting Despot to pop. (We actually got three Diorite last time and Despot to pop almost right away, though, so whatever.)

I went out and soloed 7k limit points as BLM again, and voila! 8/8 Hand-to-Hand merits now. If I had a Faith Torque, my Ninja would have only two less H2H skill than a Puppetmaster with no merits.

Accidental NMs!?
I just went to help a friend with the Tonberry NMs in Carpenter's Landing. Only him (a 64 PLD/NIN) and a 75 MNK were there, so we were waiting for a few other people to show up. And slaughtering all the lowbie monsters in the area. One of those was the Birdtrap:
Image Hosted by
Pretty isn't it? Well, I kill a bunch of them, and then attack another one. After a few seconds of Carbuncle beating on it I start to wonder "Why isn't it's HP going down?" as previous one would get 20% of their life blown off per attack.

Then I notice it's the Notorious Monster Orctrap! So, we killed it and it dropped a Katana worth 70,000 gil. The other two people lotted ~450. I lotted 951, and got the Katana. I've had pretty decent luck with making gil lately, and that will pay for the next two Limbus runs.

We popped and killed the Tonberry NMs without incident. Although the BLM one slaughtered my Fenrir with a well placed Flare. That Fenrir couldn't interrupt a twenty-something second spell was kind of sad though. lolSMN.


  1. i totally hate u ; ; ive camped that Nm so many times and never got the drop lol

  2. Thanks for helping me with CoP ^^