Friday, December 28, 2007

Long Monk

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, in the tradition of Long Cat (Google it...LOL), Evilpaul Productions brings you:
Long Monk!
Image Hosted by
Aptly named, yes?

It took quite a long time, but I finally dinged 75 Monk today in Campaign. Most of the 70s EXP was from parties though. 100% Campaign EXP would take...forever.

I had 2.6 merit points saved up, so I got a little more and have 2/5 Kick Attacks now too.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Free Hat!

Yes, it was that time again. (Friday.) So, it was time for Dynamis - Beaucedine and an attempt to get an Attestation of Invulnerability and maybe whatever the one for the Great Katana is too. Like all important missions, it required some finesse and, of course, poetry:
Image Hosted by
Amazing what passes for poetry. And, yes, "t(Q_Q;" while not pronounceable clearly has two syllables.

Anyway, because 9 people went in an hour before we were supposed to, we ended up not doing Beauc. Instead, we did Dynamis - Xarcabard.

Things were going pretty well. We snuck by the intial horde of monsters and only got the time extension. Then we killed a few more and started kill the Demon Notorious Monster towers. The first one was a little messy, but we killed them all. And then the second. And the third. And the fourth. And then...where's all the Relic Armor? 12 dead Demon NMs, and not a single drop.

The last tower was the Dragoon, Samurai, and Ranger NMs. I said that I was sure the Dragoon one would drop the Wyrm Armet (which is actually a really good piece, but there's 5 people who are Dragoons on the server that actually want one).

Sure enough,
Image Hosted by
One DRG hat, which went to Evilbron making her 5/5 on the set.

We killed all the Demon NMs at that point, so Dynamis Lord popped and we headed over to kill Animated Shield and get a fragment. On the way, this happened to drop:
Image Hosted by
It has dropped at every Xarc I've missed, so it was nice to actually see it in person finally. :-D

We also got our second one of these shortly afterwards:
Image Hosted by
Mili had been waiting quite a while for it.

I didn't get any screenshots of the Animated Shield fight, but it got down to ~60% and then Warped out. :-( It also took 0 damage from all my spells, which was a little disappointing. We didn't have time to attempt the Great Katana one either.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A little Sea and Limbus...

We did Sea last week, doing the Ix'Aerns yet again. Ix'MNK finally dropped our first cape item:
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Presumably, Varumar, who won lot on it, will enjoy it whenever he gets an Obi/Gorget/Earring and can hand it in for the cape. >.>

We went on our second or third Proto-Ultima run yesterday. Things could have gone smoother if we had a second actual tank instead of a DRK/NIN to tank when our PLD/NIN died. When it started doing the countdown and death by Citadel Buster, apparently none of the DDs understood the "don't stand next to it waiting" plan, so half the alliance died and we lost for a second time with a few percent left. You can get a general idea from the picture:
Image Hosted by

I've been busy with Campaign, leveling Leathercraft, and a couple other things too that I'll put in my next update.

Also, if anyone knows where I can post two .MTH single file web archives from IE7 of the recent Tapout/Budboi/Traviis/Thebeast/etc saga post a comment. I'm interested and they're full of LULZ.

Yummy Wine!

I got some money from birthday, etc, and bought a Zinfandel wine kit. Not the sweet, pink Sutter Home shit your alcoholic Auntie Sue drinks, the real red wine made from the same grape.

I've helped make wine from grapes before though, so I don't feel this is really cheating.

I'd like to make more wine in the future. I'm thinking I'll probably do a Shiraz (or Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon blend) and a Viognier. The Shiraz is a varietal I just really like. It's got more fruitiness than some reds while still being tannic and acidic. The Viognier is a dry white wine that isn't oak-flavored garbage like Chardonnay with a really nice flavor profile. Crisp and kind of peachy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Small Update

Well, I've been busy with real life stuff lately, so I haven't played much. But I did get a few things done (and screenshotted several of them).

First, there's been an abundance of GMs being useless seemingly AFK at random spots:
Image Hosted by
They seem to have a lot in common with whatever the hell this was:
Image Hosted by


Anyway, I've done a bit of crafting. I made some Gold Dust for use in leveling Leathercraft on my mule and much to my surprise:
Image Hosted by
I was only .2 away from 47 Goldsmithing. How much easier that would have been to level off of compared to the Mythril Rings I did. Ten stacks of Vellum (and a minor genocide involving the Charging Sheep of Beaudeux) later, and I had gotten to 31 Leathercraft and obtained the Novice rank.
Image Hosted by

That means I'll need a plethora of Ram Skins which I'll farm as SMN/THF most likely. Or maybe MNK/THF because I could use some Guard skill ups. I think it's at 61. But I might have been wearing my AF pants which have +10 to Guard skill. Which would make it even more pathetic.

My current skill up road map looks like this:
36 - Ram Leather
Dark Crystal
Ram Skin
Windurst Tea Leaves
Distilled Water

43 - Waistbelt
Wind Crystal
Ram Leather x2
Grass Thread

49 - Ram Mantle
Ice Crystal
Ram Skin
Wool Thread

52 - Himantes
Earth Crystal
Raptor Skin
Lizard Cesti
With Guild support, I won't break too many and the skill caps are only 6 apart, so after gaining one level I'll be able to get skill ups from failed synths.

But, assuming 20 synths per level...that's 100 skins for 31 -> 36. Six levels and two leathers per synth from 36 -> 43 will mean about 200 ram leathers. I'll have half the leather needed for that stretch leftover from the previous one. And the Waistbelts are complete garbage, so I'll only make money off them by NPCing them basically.

It would also be possible to save some Ram Mantles and make High Breath Mantles (are those able to be signed?) with them. But, that would take a HUGE amount of storage space and require me to get the key item for making enchanted items. Both of which are doable, but it'll take at least two weeks for GP for the enchantment key item, and I'll need to get to Jeuno for Gobbie Bag upgrades and then Aht Urghan to open up a Mog Locker on my mule for the extra storage space.

Quite a bit of work though compared to the farm+NPC everythough route, although it's also quite a bit more gil made as well. But I've always been a firm believe in leveling crafts to make gil both during the leveling and after. So, I'm rather tempted to go this slower, more profitable route after thinking about it some more.

Insert Conclusion Here

That's it for today, I'll proofread this later. I'm going out for dinner now because it's my birthday (Yay 26!), so see ya!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Goin' Fishin'

I decided to go do some Fishing today. Catching Nebimonites on the Ferry with a Halcyon Rod and Crayfish Balls. Usually, I'd craft some Shrimp Lures, but I had heard the crayfish balls will only catch Nebimonites.

Which is good and bad, because the Shrimp Lures also caught Noble Ladies which sell for a decent amount of gil. They also caught big fish which could snap my fishing rod too though.
Image Hosted by
Unfortunately, Crayfish Balls only catch Nebs as often as they would bite otherwise, so they suck horribly. I get "You don't catch anything." messages 5-8 times in a row with monsters the only break in between.

I go fishing as Summoner because then I can leave Carbuncle out to kill any monsters I catch and continue fishing uninterrupted. So after a few runs on the Ferry back and forth I noticed the music had changed. I rotate the camera and see that the pirates had attacked.

I kill a few of them, and low and behold: Silverhook spawns!
Image Hosted by
I kill Silverhook and the stingy skeleton doesn't drop anything. I thought it at least gave a title, but nope it didn't give that either.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

There's actually some pictures in this update

Yeah, I couldn't think of a title.

Dynamis - Bastok

A composite of a few different screenies:
Image Hosted by
I'm a prophetic warrior-poet apparently. I got gangraped by about 20 Quadavs just past the Auction House because people were...well, I have no idea what people were doing, but it didn't involve anything they should have been doing in Dynamis. Because we ended up wiping about five times.

We only got a single piece of AF2 and one 100 piece. The relic armor was Melee Gaiters which went to Larva, a new MNK in our LS.

Still no BLM pants. Those things only drop when I miss a Bastok run. But we'll be doing it again because several people needed the clear and we came nowhere close to winning it.

We did get an assload of Relic Weapons though. Unfortunately, nobody wants/needs them.

I've got a pretty cool picture of a horde of Quadavs eating me, but I took the screenshot on my PS2 and I don't feel like getting it off there right now.

Leathercrafting Update

I posted my plan last post, so I won't go over that again, but:
Image Hosted by
I NPC'd most of the Lizard Cesti that I made, AH'd a few, and basically broke even on them. That was probably a mistake, because they sell pretty fast for 1,000 gil a pop. I'll also use them to skill on Himantes eventually, but I simply don't have 40 inventory slots that I can spare for a month or three.

I didn't realize it, but Lizard Cesti is also the guild limit break item, so I traded one I had on the AH in, and:
Image Hosted by

I went to Buburimu Penninsula a few times and filled my inventory with Dhalmel Hides. I turned those to leather and blew up more than a few and hit level 21. I wound up with about four stacks of leather.

Today, I spent a few hours killing Bugards, Gigantobugards (and wishing the RMT in Miseraux Coast would get charmed so I could kill them too) farming Bugard Skins. I got dozens of skins along with some H.Q. skins and tusks. The latter two are used in making Igqira Weskits and other stuff, so they sell reasonably quickly. And:
Image Hosted by
I later reached the skill cap on those. I ended up with a little over five stacks of leather which are going for about 27k gil per stack.

So far, I've made a decent amount of gil and got a bunch more crap to move through the auction house.

My next level stretch is all the way to 31 on Parchment. Which, I think I'll go with a mix of that and Vellum which apparently caps at the same level. It's also worth a lot more.

Random Stuff

Now, for a bunch of random shit. I got this /tell while I was AFK:
Image Hosted by
I think I was on Monk at the time. Which is pretty strange considering my Monk is only level 68 and there's only two Notorious Monsters I know of on Mount Z. Energetic Eruca which is a fire crawler that's immune to blunt and slashing damage. Which makes Monks 99% useless on it. And Cerberus, who is a HNM and a 68 Monk couldn't damage at all.

Of course, I wasn't there at the time to ask, so the world will never know.

Then there's this:
Image Hosted by
Starr is a lolTaruDRG from KI who plays on Hades. He disconnected or logged out, so we didn't get to talk about how I <3 buttsex or solve the other mysteries of the universe :-(

I also killed the NM for whatever the Polearm questable weaponskill is:
Image Hosted by
I got another Sahagin Key so we could get to it as I was the only one who had done the quest before.

TTFN! More next time!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Leathercraft & Limbusucks™

I decided to continue leveling Leathercraft on my mule yesterday. It's been sitting at level 8 for a while now, and I'd like to at least get it to 60 so I can sign my own Desert Boots which will be awesome for Scholar when I level that sometime.

Signing my own Dusk Gloves if/when I get close to 100 would be really cool too.

I farmed up a ton of Lizard Skins in Crawler's Nest and sent them to my mule. I got from 8.3 to 12.0 with about seven stacks of skins. I tried a few synths after getting to 12, and I didn't get any skill ups, so I'm convinced that the synth probably caps at 12. (People weren't sure if it capped at 12 or 13.) I'll go back tomorrow, and hopefully get enough to skill on Lizard Cestis until 17.

My overall plan, so far, looks like this:
17 - Lizard Cesti
21 - Dhalmel Leather
24 - Bugard Leather
31 - Parchment
36 - Ram Leather
43 - Waistbelt
49 - Ram Mantle
52 - Himantes
57 - Desert Boots (Yay! No, I'm not going to skill up on these. LOL.)
58 - Catoblepas Leather
61 - Tiger Leather
62 - Hard Leather Ring
69 - Beat Jerkin
71 - Coeurl Leather
76 - Marid Leather

The numbers are the skill caps. I haven't planned out all the way to 100, because it'll take a while to do. I also need to revise the list a little, because I didn't include several of the Straps/Grips as skill up possibilities (Bugard Grip looks like a possibility), and didn't include some new items like Vellum either.

I'm thinking I'll farm a lot of the skins/hides needed, excluding ones like Marid Hides (which have horrid droprates yet are dirt cheap anyway). And as you can tell from the list above I'll try to skill either on leathers that I can sell on the AH, or on things that are cheap to make and just NPC the results if it doesn't sell or sells very slowly.


I think I'm really starting to hate Limbus.

I've been waiting since late July for a Diabolic Yarn to drop so I can upgrade my Wizard's Petasos to the +1 version. I've saved up almost a full stack of Ancient Beastcoins in that time. The yarn only dropped once, and I was outlotted by everyone there. I think I rolled a 70 or some garbage.

I'm probably the only one with Black Mage leveled who doesn't have two pieces of BLM AF+1 at this point too. I'm half tempted at this point just to say fuck it and get a Zenith Crown +1 or Demon Helm +1 instead.

Getting 120k gil per month to pay for it is getting to be a pain in the ass as well. Coins are 11-15k each, so it barely pays for itself even if I sell all the ones I get. And they're not auctionable, so I need to have my character AFK in Rollanberry Fields overnight and hope somebody actually buys them. The past two nights I tried, none have sold.

I've got 2/2 on the Ninja items, 1/2 on Summoner (I'm not sure what I'd even want of SMN AF+1 at this point...I already have the boots), and 1/2 on Monk sitting in storage. I'd kind of like the Ninja AF+1 boots, but I don't feel like redoing the AF quests to get them again, and I'm sure as hell not losing five more spaces in my Mog Safe with an unstorable partial AF set.

I still would like to get a Boxer's Mantle, but I don't get to do much evasion tanking on Ninja, so I haven't bothered even though I have the coins for it.

The MP+30 Earring would technically be better for my Summoner than the Antivenom/Insomnia I'm using now, but that's a lot of coins for it and I /heal in Antivenom/Relaxing, so I'd need to wait an extra healing tic to actually get to full MP with it. And it's only 15 more MP when I already have nearly 1,200. Not worth it to me really.

I've had a Brutal Earring for a long time, and that one was actually worth getting.

So, I'm basically stuck waiting for the freaking BLM AF+1 item to drop, but it never does or I never get a decent lot on it.

We also haven't done Ultima in several months, so it hasn't been possible to get the Nashira hands. I think the Limbus group I go with has only attempted it twice, nobody told me they were doing it the first time and the alliance was already full, so I didn't get to go. The second we ended up wiping with a 1-2% left and running out of time because people didn't start damaging the hell out of it and just got slaughtered by Citadel Buster (which went off a dozen times).

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Leveling and more leveling...

I EXP'd on Monk some more and got to @700 -> 68 on it when our Paladin had to go and the party disbanded. A quick run through Crawler's Nest with Olavia on the escort quest, and I had an EXP scroll and dinged 68 in Bastok Markets.

There was a bug they introduced with the expansion and "fixed" subsequently with that quest and the NPC not appearing at all. There's a new one where she runs off randomly like NPCs in newer escort quests though apparently. Which she just isn't supposed to do. I should probably post it on BG or KI and see if anyone else has experienced it and send in another bug report.

Sky Run!

We did two Kirins last night, and they had nearly the worst drops possible. The first, we had a Wind Crystal and Dryadic: Body. The second, a Wind Crystal, Quake scroll (go go 20k!), and Shining Cloth. We're like 0/8 on Wyrmal: Legs which is what we're still in sky for basically.

I only died once on either one. It was when I had around 650 HP from getting hit by Heat Breath and instead of using Earthen Ward immediately, I had Titan use Mountain Buster since Kirin was stationary. And he immediately summoned Ifrit and wtfbbqpwned me with Inferno.

On the second one I thought aloud in LS chat that I hoped Kirin summons Carbuncle and slaughters us with Searing Light. For players using Searing Light, it's noticably weaker than the other Astral Flow abilities. For Kirin it's like a supercharged version compared to the other ones.

And, sure enough Kirin popped out Carbuncle and did 900-1200 on everyone in range, killing several people. Of course I sit between 930-990 HP on Summoner, and had just gotten Shell V, so I took notably less.

Linkshell chat looked something like this:
(Evilpaul) YES!!!!!
(Guy1) Fuck you EP!!
(Person2) lol ep
Good times.

Leveling Scholar

I decided to level Scholar after the Kirins a bit and got to level 5, teamed up with an LS mate and got to 7, got eaten by a Goblin, and decided to call it a night.

I used one of the Ambrosia I'd saved up as food, and having +7 to all your base stats at lower levels provided a huge boost to a mage job with crappy combat skills. I'll see if I have any pictures of the epic pwnage I laid down on those badass...rabbits outside San d'Oria.