Sunday, December 2, 2007

Leveling and more leveling...

I EXP'd on Monk some more and got to @700 -> 68 on it when our Paladin had to go and the party disbanded. A quick run through Crawler's Nest with Olavia on the escort quest, and I had an EXP scroll and dinged 68 in Bastok Markets.

There was a bug they introduced with the expansion and "fixed" subsequently with that quest and the NPC not appearing at all. There's a new one where she runs off randomly like NPCs in newer escort quests though apparently. Which she just isn't supposed to do. I should probably post it on BG or KI and see if anyone else has experienced it and send in another bug report.

Sky Run!

We did two Kirins last night, and they had nearly the worst drops possible. The first, we had a Wind Crystal and Dryadic: Body. The second, a Wind Crystal, Quake scroll (go go 20k!), and Shining Cloth. We're like 0/8 on Wyrmal: Legs which is what we're still in sky for basically.

I only died once on either one. It was when I had around 650 HP from getting hit by Heat Breath and instead of using Earthen Ward immediately, I had Titan use Mountain Buster since Kirin was stationary. And he immediately summoned Ifrit and wtfbbqpwned me with Inferno.

On the second one I thought aloud in LS chat that I hoped Kirin summons Carbuncle and slaughters us with Searing Light. For players using Searing Light, it's noticably weaker than the other Astral Flow abilities. For Kirin it's like a supercharged version compared to the other ones.

And, sure enough Kirin popped out Carbuncle and did 900-1200 on everyone in range, killing several people. Of course I sit between 930-990 HP on Summoner, and had just gotten Shell V, so I took notably less.

Linkshell chat looked something like this:
(Evilpaul) YES!!!!!
(Guy1) Fuck you EP!!
(Person2) lol ep
Good times.

Leveling Scholar

I decided to level Scholar after the Kirins a bit and got to level 5, teamed up with an LS mate and got to 7, got eaten by a Goblin, and decided to call it a night.

I used one of the Ambrosia I'd saved up as food, and having +7 to all your base stats at lower levels provided a huge boost to a mage job with crappy combat skills. I'll see if I have any pictures of the epic pwnage I laid down on those badass...rabbits outside San d'Oria.

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