Thursday, December 13, 2007

Small Update

Well, I've been busy with real life stuff lately, so I haven't played much. But I did get a few things done (and screenshotted several of them).

First, there's been an abundance of GMs being useless seemingly AFK at random spots:
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They seem to have a lot in common with whatever the hell this was:
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Anyway, I've done a bit of crafting. I made some Gold Dust for use in leveling Leathercraft on my mule and much to my surprise:
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I was only .2 away from 47 Goldsmithing. How much easier that would have been to level off of compared to the Mythril Rings I did. Ten stacks of Vellum (and a minor genocide involving the Charging Sheep of Beaudeux) later, and I had gotten to 31 Leathercraft and obtained the Novice rank.
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That means I'll need a plethora of Ram Skins which I'll farm as SMN/THF most likely. Or maybe MNK/THF because I could use some Guard skill ups. I think it's at 61. But I might have been wearing my AF pants which have +10 to Guard skill. Which would make it even more pathetic.

My current skill up road map looks like this:
36 - Ram Leather
Dark Crystal
Ram Skin
Windurst Tea Leaves
Distilled Water

43 - Waistbelt
Wind Crystal
Ram Leather x2
Grass Thread

49 - Ram Mantle
Ice Crystal
Ram Skin
Wool Thread

52 - Himantes
Earth Crystal
Raptor Skin
Lizard Cesti
With Guild support, I won't break too many and the skill caps are only 6 apart, so after gaining one level I'll be able to get skill ups from failed synths.

But, assuming 20 synths per level...that's 100 skins for 31 -> 36. Six levels and two leathers per synth from 36 -> 43 will mean about 200 ram leathers. I'll have half the leather needed for that stretch leftover from the previous one. And the Waistbelts are complete garbage, so I'll only make money off them by NPCing them basically.

It would also be possible to save some Ram Mantles and make High Breath Mantles (are those able to be signed?) with them. But, that would take a HUGE amount of storage space and require me to get the key item for making enchanted items. Both of which are doable, but it'll take at least two weeks for GP for the enchantment key item, and I'll need to get to Jeuno for Gobbie Bag upgrades and then Aht Urghan to open up a Mog Locker on my mule for the extra storage space.

Quite a bit of work though compared to the farm+NPC everythough route, although it's also quite a bit more gil made as well. But I've always been a firm believe in leveling crafts to make gil both during the leveling and after. So, I'm rather tempted to go this slower, more profitable route after thinking about it some more.

Insert Conclusion Here

That's it for today, I'll proofread this later. I'm going out for dinner now because it's my birthday (Yay 26!), so see ya!

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