Saturday, July 28, 2007

16/16 Finally

Well, it took a lot longer than I expected due to ...well, mostly just not meriting at all, but finally:

And there was much rejoicing.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Moving Faster

Moving (Still sucks.)

Well, the past few days have been a bit hectic. I'm moving from my apartment by school back to my parent's house. This will save me quite a bit of money on rent.

Which I'll probably spend on gasoline driving to school instead with how stupid expensive the stuff is.

But in any case, my mom has two guys and a truck coming tomorrow to move the majority of my large and/or boxed crap. Not enough stuff is boxed yet, so I've still got more work to do.

Attack of the Sister

I usually do Sky stuff with my LS on Thursday and Saturday nights, and have been looking forward to getting a Byakko's Haidate for my Ninja for a while now. From looking at the points page and remembering which trigger items we got I knew we had at least one Byakko pop set, and that I was either first or second in line for a Haidate.

My PS2 and PC were still at school until today (Sunday). So Thursday evening I was at my parent's, go outside to hop in the car...and see it isn't there. (There's usually three cars, mine, my mom's, and my dad's which is enough that everybody can get to where they want to go 95% of the time without scheduling conflicts or needing to drop somebody off and pick them up later. Two aren't working though right now...which is quite a pain in the ass at times.) My sister vanished with it until around midnight. By which time Sky events are usually over.

I found out Friday that they didn't do Byakko because I wasn't there. (Yay! :-D). Which meant we had two Byakko pop sets waiting to do on Saturday.

Dynamis-Jeuno Friday

We did a Dynamis-Jeuno run Friday night. It went really well. We got the clear and about 10 pieces of Relic Armor (DRG, DRK, WAR, MNK, WHM, several multiples and more I'm forgetting). Lots of the level 1 Relic weapons, several Shields (one person lotted to start upgrading it, the rest will be used to pop Almatheia and fund the LS), and a few relic flutes.

I was lucky and got a Relic Bow. Which I promptly threw away.

There actually isn't any relic from Jeuno that I'm interested obtaining, and hasn't been since before I joined my current LS, but it's such an easy zone that I usually have a fun time getting pieces for LS buddies regardless. I didn't die at all this run which is a pretty common occurrence in the cities, excluding Windurst. Eagle Eye Shot killed a few people though and left our Samurai with 1 HP once.

We didn't have any wipes thankfully.

Saturday Sky

I ended up going from my parent's to my apartment, getting my PS2, and driving back on Saturday around 7PM when my mom got home from work. Just in time (well, ~20 minutes late) for Sky! People were in the Shrine farming Diorite already to pop Ullikummi, so I joined people outside to try and claim Despot. No diorite dropped, but we did claim Despot and killed it in what seemed like record time.

That completed our third Byakko set, so we were ready to go and headed there. A shortwhile later everybody was at the ???, and the leader listed the drops and people bid. It turns out there was one person in front of me for a Haidate still. But with three pop sets it was only mildly disappointing and I was next for sure then anyway.

The first fight went fairly smooth although a few people died.

Byakko has this habit of using Diaga II which strips Ninja's shadows and then following it up with Razor Fang which does 900+ damage and/or triple attacking for 300+ each hit. Which can make a Ninja tank go from healthy to critically injured or dead in a matter of seconds.

He also likes to triple attack any non-tank who pulls hate which tends to kill them instantly. He's done it to me at least twice, and it's pretty funny actually. Overkill is always hilarious as the saying goes.

So, we kill Byakko #1 and sure enough a Haidate drops!

We wait for the ??? to respawn, people get TP, etc, and pop Byakko #2. The second fight was easier than the first although one of our Rangers demonstrated the patented Byakko Hilarious Overkill™ for all of us to see a little more than halfway through the fight.

Sure enough, another Byakko's Haidate drops! So, I'm now the proud owner of some sexy kitty swimming trunks! Yay!

We actually got identical drops from both the first and second fights which was kind of weird. Our Samurai went away a little disappointed as no Dryadic Abjuration: Legs dropped that time.

With nobody else there who wanted a Byakko's Haidate we're waiting a bit to kill the next one. When we had lots of people needing Haidates a few months ago we kept getting and trashing lots of D.Legs. Proof that tigers have a sense of irony.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

FFXI Merits!

I did some meriting on Ninja today. 45k Limit points on Greater Colibri. I really hate Greater Colibri, although they are pretty easy EXP. I already had 1 merit point, and 5k limit points stored, so...

The end results:
Image Hosted by
It was level 6 before.

Now with Genie Tiarra, Wizard's Coat +1, and Igqira Lappas I have 279 enfeebling magic skill. Which is 14 more skill than I had pre-merit point expansion update where the magic skills group went from 8 -> 16.

Don't tell anyone, but my Elemental Magic skill is only 6/8 merited. Totally gimped.

So my overall now sits at with BLM75, SMN75, NIN75:

HP/MP (8/8):
MP 8/8 (done!)

Combat Skills (14/20):
3/8 Hand to Hand (either going to 4/8 or 8/8 for MNK and PUP)
8/8 Katana (done! Very nice to have too.)
3/4 Evasion (Because why not?)

18 merit points to cap Hand-to-Hand and Evasion.

Magic Skills (14/16):
6/8 Elemental Magic (going to cap at 8/8; probably what I'm meriting tomorrow)
8/8 Enfeebling Magic (I don't care what the 'BLM Merits' thread on BG says, I like my Enfeebles to stick as close to 100% as possible.)

If they increase this again I'll probably do Ninjutsu. Screw Summoning Magic.

6 more points to cap Elemental Magic I'll try to get them done tomorrow.

Others (4/8):
4/4 Critical Hit Rate (great for NIN and MNK, PUP, leveling subjobs, etc)
0/4 Enemy Critical Hit Rate (Spell Interruption -8% isn't going to do anything. Not getting a Triple Attack crit from Byakko will save my ass sometime.)

10 merit points to get -4% critical hits on me.

Black Mage (10/10, 0/6):
5/5 Thunder Potency
5/5 Ice Potency
0/6 AM2 (I don't know what I want to merit there, but AM2 doesn't do much for me. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy for this.)

Maybe 9 points to get Freeze, Burst, and Tornado II. Not very high priority.

Summoner (4/10, 0/6):
1/5 Physical Attack (I'll put two more in this eventually)
1/5 Physical Accuracy (One more here, the SMN magic update makes it less appealing)
2/5 Elemental MP Cost (I'll go 5/5 here so I can actually use the MP-gobbling Elementals.)
0/6 Prime Blood Pacts (As appealing as the BLM ones pretty much. Slightly more useful, sort of because they don't suck as bad as other avatar magical BPs.)

19 more to cap Group 1.

Ninja (0/10, 1/6):
0/5 Subtle Blow (Not the... highest priority thing I can think of meriting. Probably the last, actually.)
0/5 Elemental Ninjutsu Potency (Seriously... what were they thinking with Ninja job specific merits?)
1/3 Ninja Tool Expertise (Because I'm cheap.)
0/3 Elemental San spells (Not completely terrible, but I'd rather 10% more Ninja Tools saved than 5/6 of the :San wheel.)

9 more merits seriously considered here.

Doing some quick math, I think that puts me at 71 merits to go. Which sounds like an awful lot, but doing 2-5 at a time I could be done before I'm back in school. And it's not like quite a few of them really matter much anyway.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Celestial Nights!

Square-Enix has announced a new event in FFXI called Celestial Nights! It's fun and exciting you run around and talk to NPCs for an item and then go kill a giant buffalo outside town that can warp you anywhere!

Oh wait. No you don't.

You write a Haiku about FFXI and put it on their community website.

Sometimes I think they need to try slightly harder. This would be one of those times.

Here is my contribution to the arts for this decade:

Image Hosted by
In fairness, I did get to from 28 -> 32 today.