Wednesday, December 31, 2008

15 Seconds per Frame?

Yesterday, we did Dynamis-San d'Oria.

I'd love to know what Square Enix fucked up now, because about 10 times during it multiple people, myself included, had 10-30 seconds where our visuals froze mid-frame of animation, sound slowed to a crawl, and then after an obnoxiously long amount of time started back up again. Frequently, with several people dead inexplicably.

It was like Black Screen d/cing in Sea, only without having to restart to find out you were dead.

Which is ashame because despite being very tired and dozing off at points I was (or thought I was) very on the ball about my blink-tanking as MNK/NIN.

Perhaps, most memorably would be this:With the number of SMN Orcs and the amount of time frozen, GGs and I both knew what was going to happen. :-P

It wasn't all bad though, some things brought me the LULzes.Evilbron dying always brings Joy to my black heart. So, in this case Joy brought her sexy friend, Felicity, to the party as well.

This particular wipe was because of a combination of several 20 second freezes for multiple people (killed most of our Black Mages) and because some dumbass DoT'd a pet wyvern.

Yes, the little lolBlueDRGWyvern things.

Apparently, people will Bind shit without regard to where I'm standing instead of sleeping it, but instead of binding shit they can't sleep and then not standing next to it, they'll get face raped by it and let other shit they can sleep face rape me. Bards can't bind things, obviously. But they can Elegy them and then just spam Cure III between hits every 10 minutes or so.

But I digress.

Anyway, we did get a couple pieces of Relic that people wanted and a little over 350 coins so it wasn't a total loss.

I would love to know what the fucking constant freezes are all about. We only had ~23 people there.

I didn't find out until just now, but SCH hands (one of three pieces I'd like) drop in Sandy but did not drop for us. So, that makes me retroactively disappointed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Worst Game of the Year, Honorable Mention: FFXI: WotG.

I was listening to the RPGcast earlier today (MP3 here). There's not much in the way of RPG news at the moment, so they mostly talked about the reactions to the last podcast.

There was quite a bit of controversy over whether people were "gushing" over Chrono Trigger or not, whether CT is still or was a good game or not, and whether FFIV aged well or not. I commented on Chrono and then outlined why I think FFIV, while a fun game, didn't age well because it looked pretty bad next to other SNES games back when the SNES was still the platform.

But what I thought was particularly apt, was one of the people on the podcast mentioning as his Honorable Mention for Worst Game of the Year was Wings of the Goddess. Since it's a year old and has only been updated three times and isn't finished yet. I'd throw in the completely uneven mission difficulty, but I do complain a lot. :P

Needs Moar Scholar!

Kaeko has an update on all things Scholarly on his LJ. It's mostly on the recent revelations with how magic accuracy actually works, and why SCH > BLM. Or will be, anyway.

"The issue here is that given enough eventual gear updates, Scholar must inevitably reach the same resist rates as a Black Mage (95% cap), thus overtaking it as the superior endgame magical DD job. This is because SCH and BLM are not directly competing over resist rates - they are both just trying to reach a certain number independently; once this value is reached, resistance is a non-issue, and the fact that SCH is inherently more efficient will make it superior.

This is the huge issue right now for Black Mage in my opinion. If you exclude resistances, Scholar is inherently a stronger nuking job for HNM fights due to its incredible MP efficiency. Black Mage has already generally reached the point of resistances not mattering given correct gear - the addition of "better" resistance gear doesn't change anything for it as a job since it has already reached the cap. The introduction of better "resistance gear" can only benefit Scholar, not Black Mage at this point. Considering how close Scholar is already, this is inevitable."
Go read the rest if blowing things up with magic interests you.

Kaeko also reminds me that I have no Scholar Relic armor yet. Clearly, I need to complain we don't spam Beaucedine until two or more Argute Gowns drop. We'll probably need 12 or so in a month or two since it seems half the LS is becoming more Scholarly. :-p

Abolish Software Patents

This is seriously retarded shit right here:
Worlds Claims MMOs Infringe 'Virtual Space' Patent, Sues NCsoft

Self-described pioneer in "3D virtual communities and rich immersive environments" Worlds has sued MMO publisher and developer NCsoft for infringing on a Worlds-held patent titled "System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual Space."

The lawsuit claims that by developing and selling massively multiplayer online games--including City of Heroes, Dungeon Runners, Tablua Rasa, Lineage, Lineage II, and Guild Wars--NCsoft "directly and/or contributorily infringed" on Worlds' patent.

Filed in 2000 and granted in 2007, the broadly-worded patent "provides a highly scalable architecture for a three-dimensional graphical, multi-user, interactive virtual world system" that uses a "central server" to compute the positional data that allows avatars to interact with each other as well as the environment.
Actually, shoot all the lawyers involved in filing this brain-cell-killingly-stupid lawsuit. Then abolish software patents (if abolishing the entire patent system is too much to ask for).

UPDATE: The article reminded me of this steaming pile of a 3D chat program by Microsoft in 1998. It was hilariously bad. Even at the time. Yet, somehow still vaguely awesome.

Monday, December 29, 2008

KS99 Wyrm: A HOW-TO Guide

Step 1: Don't do this:Where "this" is casting Curaga IV from behind a Wyrm that hasn't used TP in a while, has Regain, and has a bunch of people beating on it.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: PROFIT!!!

Actually, we didn't get any Wyrm Beards (one person only needs that to get a BB) or any Speed Belts.

Atlus Software = win

An actual, joke press release from Atlus a few weeks back:

Unprecedented move to revolutionize game reveals

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — DECEMBER 4, 2008 — Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today turned gaming PR on its head with the news that all future Atlus game announcements will be revealed first on the ESRB website.

“Our experiment has been a rousing success,” said Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales, beaming. “Allowing information about our upcoming titles to be silently posted on ESRB’s website has been a triumph, and we’ve decided to abandon all direct, overt disclosures of our future games in favor of quietly allowing the posting of new titles onto Every other publisher puts their press releases out there in the same distribution channel, and sometimes the news gets overlooked. By sneaking all future game announcements onto the ESRB website for just a handful of passionate editors to find, we distance ourselves from industry conventions.”

Atlus will start this groundbreaking game launch tactic in 2009, and hopes to continue the practice as long as it remains effective.

“We’re sure we’ll have everyone doing this at some point, following in our footsteps. And maybe at some point it will force us to change direction. But in the mean time, we really feel that indirectly leaking all future game announcements and hoping a few people stumble upon them and tell everyone they know is the best way to go at this juncture.”


About Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

Located in Irvine, California and founded in 1991, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is renowned for its proud tradition of publishing exceptional role-playing games with strong niche appeal. The Atlus library of critically acclaimed video games includes Odin Sphere, Trauma Center series, and the award-winning Shin Megami Tensei series. For more information, visit

For breaking news, special promotions, insider info, and more, visit to join the ranks of the Atlus Faithful!

This press release was a joke.

The ESRB leaked game titles that were being localized before Atlus announced them. Hence this press release. I think it's pretty damn funny.

Bahumat V1 and Nyzul Isle finished!

Epic did a Bahumat V1 run for some people who needed it tonight.SE could have made it a 6 person BCNM, it's crazy easy.

Tenken went Monk and I went Scholar. We both did the "turn the mob black" thing with Ascetic's Fury and Ionohelix.I Firestorm'd Epic, but she didn't get hit with a xFlare move (and die). She did stick Ice Threnody (which is fire based) right after though which may have sped up the fight a bit.

BV1 is probably the least exciting thing we've done with 17 people in a while. Only took 6 minutes. lol

Afterwards, we did Nyzul Isle again and tried to get from floor 96 to floor 100. Our first run we screwed up on 97, nearly everyone died while separated, and we timed out on the boss.Our second attempt ended up with us fighting Hydra.Hydra is an ass.

The damn thing spammed Physical Shield, so we were doing shit damage. And we didn't have a Bard, so it attacked fast and we were doing extra shitty damage. As a result, the melees couldn't keep hate and we ended up with it running all over, mages getting killed, and timing out.

At least we got a consolation prize.Awesome.

Our third run went much better. Myoubi came on Bard which made pre-100 kills a lot faster. This time we got Khimaira again and had plenty of time to kill it.And I got my Runic Key! :-D

Something interesting I learned was that:
Fanatic's Drink (Invincible) + Counterstance (with good accuracy) = |-|4>< (hax)
I left shadows down during Hundred Fists with a Fanatic's Drink and Counterstance up and countered ~15 times. Get hit for 0 or crack the mob in the face for added damage. Can't beat it.

I was also under the impression that Fulmination was supposed to be a wipe move, but despite it going off we were fine. Which I'm not complaining about, but next to how annoying everything Hydra does is kind of surprising.

Fun night, I'm going to bed.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oregon Trail!

I think we've all died of dysentery in 8 colors at one time or another.

I'm not sure what dysentery is actually, but apparently it's something along the lines of "you poop until such time as you cease pooping on account of being deceased."

But more to the point, this is a really awesome article on Oregon Trail. Seriously, go read it. It's teh awesome.

Friday, December 26, 2008

60 Smithing?

I've wanted to cap out all my crafts at 60 for a while now. They're mostly done except for Smithing, Goldsmithing, and Leathercraft. Specifically,
Smithing 33
Clothcraft 60
Alchemy 60
Woodworking 60

Goldsmithing 47
Leathercrafting 51
Bonecraft 60
Cooking 100
I know what I'm going to do for Leather and have a pretty good idea for Goldsmithing (both will suck for different reasons).

But for Smithing, I'm stuck.

Right now, I'm thinking this probably
34 - Plain Caps
36 - Steel Sheets
40 - Steel Scales
44 - Mythril Bolt Heads
53 - Gorget
54 - Steel Ingot
I'll fish up .7 more Rusty Caps to get 34.

Buy ~4 stacks of Steel Ingots from the Guildshop, make them into sheets, and then into scales. Losing most of the gil spent on that in the process.

To 44 I'll do Mythril Bolt Heads. They don't sell on the AH and are nigh worthless, but I can farm up ores to make the ingots with in Fei'Yin fairly quickly as MNK/THF killing Golems.

Getting to 53 on Gorgets looks pretty rough. But, they do sell on the AH for making Sea Gorgets (maybe I should get a Flame Gorget, finally?) and for a small profit.

But at 54, I'm stuck. Everything to 60 though looks horrendous.

Anybody have a suggestion?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ascetic's Fury sux!

Makes the stuffs not drop. ;_;Impromptu camping, it popped after the first PH I killed.

Makes me 0/1.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hydra Cap?

The LS formerly known as Oops (named changed to NeedsMoreRelics for some reason [could have at least gone with WorkingOnClaustrum Q_Q]) did another Dynamis - Tavnazia last night. I was tired as shit, but went anyway as Scholar.

I think we had ~4 drops all together.

The only good one was Corsair Hat.

But nobody wanted the thing.

Corsair is cool and all, but I don't really want to level COR just to look like a flamboyant pirate complete with a colonial era hat of awesome. I'd need all kinds of Rangery crap I don't have and don't think it looks like that much fun to play.

But whatever. Back to Dynamis.

The highlight drop of the night, was this:Which is also junk. Very rare. But still junk.

Some fun things happened:I magic burst a dark elemental helix with double dark weather for abysmal damage. Resist, I guess? I don't think it could have done close to 210 though, so? O.o;

I died a lot.Being Scholar I had Reraise II for all but one death though.This was the death I didn't get R2. I got R3 from this one as I was the only person along with the guy who touched the ??? to die. I wouldn't have died at all had I not been slept by a Demon which then ran off after everyone else and left there while they repopped everything. >.>

I was also apparently the last person into Dynamis.So I got the awesome loot that was in the treasure pool when the hourglass ran out. I also had a now useless hourglass still in my inventory. Remember that part, it's important later.And then Brim had a now useless hourglass and two coins!!! lulz!!!

And that's pretty much it for Dynamis - Tavnazia. We didn't win and got crappy drops. lol.

I'm not sure what this picture was for, but Bonus Bewbs!TTFN!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why so...scholarly?

Why's everyone leveling Scholar all of the sudden?

Sure, it's the most awesome mage job ever. It could only be more awesome in theory, and less awesome in practice, if Scholars could cast Haste.

But...what the hell. Is Sage Sundi promising sex and HQ staves for leveling it in PMs or something?

My best QnA evar!

As the post below this one would suggest, I write the QnA column from time to time. One of their former writers is returning for a special New Year's edition, so I wrote a very important letter for it:
Dear QnA,
A question for Lusipurr: If games were real, what type of pie would you make based on a fictional ingredient from a game?

I, myself, would have to go with a Rolanberry Pie made from FFXI's rolanberries. They're the size of a chocobo's head and undoubtedly delicious. Or a more mundane Blueberry Pie made with Tales of Destiny blueberries. They make you glow a healthy green when you eat one. And they are deliciously mundane like the Tales series.

What say you, good sir?

It's a great letter because it both involves pie and takes a swipe at the Tales series of RPGs by Namco.

Monday, December 22, 2008


I wrote in to the Q&A a little while back. Ethos, who was sitting in for the guy who regularly does the column, Oliver, let me know he was going to publish my letter with some humorous edits added in.

Well, it turns out the lulz continue this week! Somebody thought I actually wrote one of the funnier lines edited in. lol

The letter reminds me though that I only played through FFIX once a decade or so ago though. I'm kind of tempted to go back and play it again as I don't really remember it very well. Mostly just that the ending was sad, the villain was gaudy as hell (3D Kefka gaudy), and there was a bizzarre, nonsensical final boss like in FF2, FF3, FF4, FF5, and kind of FF8. (Oops, spoilers.)

But FF8 sucked anyway, so I don't mind spoiling it. Plus I never beat the last boss because of it's bizzarre leveling mechanics and garbage junction system.

Go read it!

Nyzul, Mostly?

I've been doing Nyzul Isle for a while now. Earlier tonight, I accomplished a few things I'd wanted to for a while. When we hit Floor 90 my Burning Fists were unlocked finally.I proved that Guard can activate while under the effects of Terror.And I got to floor 95.We're also like 3/3 now on a worthless hat.Hopefully, in a few days I'll have a Runic Key and we can start farming pieces of armor for other people.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin Completed!

I finished Persona 2: Innocent Sin earlier today! I haven't played P2: Eternal Punishment yet, but the unreleased in the US Innocent Sin had a great story, decent battle system, and some catchy music. Particularly the town music. My only complaint would be that there was a significant amount of grinding. You can get to the final boss around level 50. But it's nearly impossible to beat him/her/it until almost level 60 which takes close to four hours to level that much. You also need to use the cumbersome demon negotiation system to get tarot cards to make new personas which doesn't speed things up any.

As for why it never made it to the US, I've got to concur with the reasons I had heard before playing it. Neo-nazis ressurecting Hitler (spoiler: you get to re-kill his ass) and a homosexual relationship between the silent protagonist and a party member probably would have been too much for an American audience when the game came out. Then again, the Shin Megami Tensei series games that came out later on PS2 featured cannibalism, Satan as a prominent figure in the story, and highschool kids shooting themselves in the head with guns. So, I guess it would have been low enough profile that nobody would have really given a shit in all likelihood.

Overall though, it's quite good as a PSX era game.

Much thanks to Gemini and Translator Tom for all their hacking and translating prowess so I was able to enjoy this JP-only title in English. I'm hoping to pick up P2: Eternal Punishment, Persona 3, 4, and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne sometime in the near future. The last of which I'm really looking forward to as it is supposed to be very difficult.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

One of these things is not like the other...

It's an odd thing in FFXI.

There's a bunch of DD hats that are good at 75 for TPing on the main 2-hander jobs.
What's odd, is that those three are listed there from least to most overrated in that order. People are like "ZOMGWTFPWNAGEAWESOMEACE'SHELM!!!!" and "meh, W.turban."

While the W.turban looks pretty stupid on any race except Tarutaru, it's got 1% more Haste than the other two. STR+4 doesn't do much for your per hit damage. And since the 2h update Acc isn't really an issue for SAM/DRG/DRK. Yet, people will camp KV for 35 hours straight and drop dead from exhaustion when there's a hat that's more or less the same that I can get on my level 20 mule solo.

Is joining Team Robocop really that important?

What I've been up to this week...


I think this was last Friday actually, but Oops did Dynamis - Qufim. We got some good drops:Amey deleveled out of Aegis :PAnd we fought the Mega Boss:Nice picture of his crotch, right?

But the focker stunned me:And then killed me:I think the log screwed up the order of what happened as I was stunned from his roar the entire time until I died.

The pull, CS Stun, and BRD swap got screwed up so we didn't win.


I REALLY need to merit more. Scholar Group 2 hasn't been started yet. And Puppetmaster Group 1 & 2 are both very good. I did, however, get a 5th merit after a Campaign battle. So I finally finished SCH Group 1.

Epic did a bunch of KS99 orbs yesterday. Three Behemoths and three Wyrms. I didn't bother to bring an orb (I didn't want to be there until 3AM). Drops were pretty "meh" overall. No OMGIMRICH items dropped and no Black Belt items did either.
Our last Wyrm was nearly a wipe because the worst WHM on Hades got emo because she was asked to Curaga the DD party after Flame Blast and logged off.I somehow didn't die once on any of the six orbs.


I decided to try and make some gil earlier fishing.And I got to 61! For god knows what reason the fish in Talacca Cove had ~2x the stamina of their Zilart area equivilents.

Buffoon's Collar!

I went to go farm some Karakuls afterwards to get synth materials to sign my own Buffoon's Collar +1.Droprate was horrible, of course. But, I did get a bunch of Guard skill ups.Yes, 75 Monk and 75 Puppetmaster and my Guard is only 111. ;_; I forgot what I was doing and didn't try to synth a Buffoon's Collar yet though. :-P


That's pretty much it for what I was up to this week.

I'd really like to go and get ~40 merits next week and really put a sizeable dent into Scholar Group 2. PUP merits will be low priority as I'm not going to get to bring it out for anything except solo fun and maybe ZNM Ob.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It turns out Mythic Weapons kind of suck. Go read the BG thread to see the most Q_Qing since SE fixed Salvage duping (Q_Qing mostly by people who will never be able to upgrade a Mythic Weapon even if they still want to anyway).

Apparently the three Aftermath effects are active one at a time at 100%/200%/300% TP. How people couldn't have been bothered to test that by taking off their KC offhand weapons at Fanfest, I have no idea. PLD Mythic Sword is still the best tanking one in the game at least. (Excalipoor lovers of the world still puzzle me.)

Hopefully, SE will ban people for Salvage duping next week and all that duped Alexandrite will totally have been worth it. LOLz.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LS Community Site Borked?

My crap hasn't updated in about a week.

UPDATE: It's now updated that I bitched about it.

Death to walls! PUP75!

DISCLAIMER: Many walls were hurt in the leveling of this job.

It was a long slog, but just a few minutes ago I hit 75 Puppetmaster!Yay!

Now to go and cap Bougrion's Melee, Ranged, and Magic skills. XD

I'm thinking Ladybugs in La Vaulle [S] as I can make some gil there doing it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

4 out of 5 ain't bad!

We did a few more Nyzul Isle runs last night. We did 65-80 runs, and had a Khimaira boss. Which by my advanced maths and things means we've completed 4 of 5 floors in Nyzul Isle!The ToAU HNMs are definitely more annoying than the Zilart ones. Every one of them have some AoE Stun and/or Terror move. Khimmy went down easily though.Gid got them for his 17 MNK. I've had mine for a while now. :-)

Afterwards, we did our usual rest of the Appraisals.And got some weird headband. I'm not sure which NM it came from. The rest was junk like usual.

Hopefully, we'll all have Runic Keys on Sunday. :-D Maybe do a bunch of floor 100 runs after that to get people's Nyzul weapons and maybe some hats.

By my count I have 17/25 clears needed for the next Assault rank. I can almost taste a Shark Gun. Tastes like...yummy sharks. Or something. I'll need to go level Marksmanship on NIN to have some fun with it.