Friday, January 11, 2008

Avie: A Profile in Terminal Stupidity

So, I decided to do a few Campaign Ops and Battles before Dynamis tonight. I went as Summoner, because I also wanted to do some fishing later and needed EXP to recap my buffer. I head to Bastok Markets [S]. I get there, see a Campaign Battle in Pashow Marshland [S] just began, and warp there.

I arrive, see only three or four people are participating, and there's a dozen Quadavs beating on the fortifications. I grab the White Mage NM Quadav. It can Benediction as many times as it wants...healing it to full again, making it impossible to kill without a lot of people beating it down. So, I know I can't kill it, but I can keep it attacking Carbuncle instead of the fortifications and that gets me EXP and Allied Notes, so it sounds good to me. The plan is I cast Carbuncle over and over from a distance and the NM attacks it while I run away. Repeat until the Quadav give up and all warp out.

So, I run to the back of the area by the fort and wait for Carbuncle to die. Recast, the NM approaches, and Carby attacks it. And the Red Mage standing next to me who just saw this then casts Protect and Shell on me, which generates hate and the NM starts attacking him. Avie, some moron apparently leveling Black Mage in Campaign, then cures the Red Mage, and gets attacked as well. And a Dragoon also feels the need to attack it, and gets quickly raped as well.

Apparently, Avie's unaware that claimed mobs that are attacking people who aren't tanking usually will turn on whoever helps them. But, this wasn't even the stupid part.

The stupid part, is she bitches at me because they're all dying after fucking up my Carby-kiting. "i thought people in epic were smart" I didn't bother checking her, because I don't really give a damn what LS is stupid enough to tolerate her presence, but it sure would be fun to go watch them wipe to Bubbly Bernie or whatever the hell they do sometime.

Maybe spam Tractor on her when she's kicked out of Dynamis - Jeuno with twenty other dead people sometime? The possibilities are endless.

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