Friday, January 18, 2008

Dynamis - Bastok tonight

Well, it looks like we're doing Dynamis-Bastok tonight in about an hour. Using my superior powers of Pesmiscience™ I know that a Sorcerer's Tonban will not drop to make me 6/6 on Black Mage relic armor. But, of course the future is uncertain, so it could drop and if it does we'll have our first ninja-lotted relic that I know of, and it'll be on pants that I was supposed to get.

I don't know who the BLM point leader is right now though, so who knows if I'm even at the front of the line anyway.

Oh well, back to fishing (dinged 29, almost to 30) and maybe write a Dynamis-Haiku before then.

UPDATE: Well, we just killed the giant statue boss thing. Not a single piece of relic armor has dropped. Plenty of Relic Axes, Relic Blades, and Itos though. And just got a Relic Scythe too.

As far as shit that people might actually want though? Some Wootz Ores. Which are rather expensive as far as random shit dropping in Dynamis goes because of their use in making Salvage bodies.

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