Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just Smile and Wave?

Well, I talked to my friend, Buddy, yesterday, and agreed to give him a ride to his hockey game, which was rather late at 11PM. I realized later, that I had to be up at 8AM, and regretted that a little. I still got about 6 hours of sleep though, so it worked out ok.

While driving back from the hockey place, we drove by a local dive bar with a Take Out section, so I stopped so Buddy could grab some beer. As we're walking back to my car in the parking lot, the local police drive by, pull into a parking lot across the street, and then drive behind the restraunt there and come around to the other side facing my car directly across the street. As I got in, I turned to Buddy and asked, "So did I forget to use my turn signal, or was I speeding?" inquring about the future in the past tense.

I got into the car, turn it on, put on my turn signal, and turn out onto the street. I turned sideways in my seat, put on a huge smile and wave frenetically to Officier Hitler across the way, and drive down the road. Much to my surprise, Mein Fuhrer turned the opposite way and disappeared into the distance.

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