Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mini-FFXI update

Well, with my videocard being a piece of shit 4MB PCI one form 1997, I don't have any new pics from stuff that's happened over the past week or so. I did look and find some recent ones I didn't post anything about though, so here goes.

Hooker Boots

I decided to camp Dune Boots after making a post on KI about getting Wulong Shoes +1 which are the Auction House version of the same thing basically. After complaining in Linkshell chat for most of the day, Vermiliono and Kaboose came to help me camp them. I also asked Doggy and he came as well. We camped it for about three hours and it didn't pop. Then Verm and Kab had to go for Limbus, but I wanted to stay a few more minutes and see if it pops. Sure enough, it does right after Verm warped. Doggy got some additional help, and we pulled it
Image Hosted by
Unfortunately, the fight went long and we ended up fighting it at night. At night it only uses 1000 Needles every 100% TP, and at low HP it uses it two times, and then three times. So, we ended up wiping at about 10% HP.

Some additional help arrived, we tried again:
Image Hosted by
And it went much better with some more people and during the day time.

Image Hosted by
(I think my guy looks pretty well dressed to work some corners now.)

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