Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jailer of Justice

Jailer of Justice. He's a squid that makes lots of little baby squids. Baby squids that go boom and kill everyone. JoJ also likes to charm the tanks and DDs and have them kill people.

Epic tried killing it two or three times before, and despite our best efforts, it ended badly. We ended up getting overwhelmed by exploding babies that killed everyone.

But Earlier that Day...

Today, I joined up with a bunch of people for some early Sky farming. I went on Monk and got there to find that Mother Globe was up. We had 10 people and after a bit of a delay in getting everyone there, we pulled it. As it turns out, everyone wasn't there yet and one of the two NIN/DRKs immediately died leaving us barebones. I pulled the Slave Globe spawns off and killed them as we worked it down. Our missing WHM and RDM arrived and the NIN/DRK unweakened, and we finished it.

Next, we moved on to try and pop Steam Cleaner. I wandered off to see if I could find the coffer in V.palace that I had a key for. (I found it later in the day and got 11.3k gil. :-P) I met up and went to the SC spawn area. The NIN who had been out looking for it said it popped and was incoming. We beat it's cermet ass down and went to check Zipanca.

Zip was up, so we killed it, and went on to Faust.

Faust was fun. I Chi Blasted it three times, after a corpse-recovery detour, and then ran in with defense food, damage reduction gear, and high Def/VIT equipment on and Hundred Fists on it. Of course I did that at 10% HP and still nearly died. LOL.

Then, we went to farm Ro'Maeve Water. I had to go after a while to go to a Beef & Beer with my Dad that was in support of Ron Paul's presidential bid. Which, as one of the speakers noted, was pretty much over so it was pretty pointless.

I returned later in the evening and found that I'd missed a 1:54min Kirin burn. /sigh

Now we're back!

That brings us back to Jailer of Justice. I met up with everybody down in Al'Tieu as Black Mage, and found out we were going to be attempting JoJ again. We had more people in Epic, an Aegis, and more experience under our belts. Tanks and melee DDs would damage the Jailer, 4 DDs and a party of BLMs would kill the babies.

We popped it, and sure enough JoJ's HP was dropping and we were killing babies as fast as they were spawning. A few charmed people slept later, and it was down. I wasn't in the alliance that killed it, so I didn't know what dropped initially. But we got everything! Brim got the torque, and one of our RDMs got the sword.

We popped another, and we had another happy RDM with a weird-looking gold sword. But no torque.A final pop for the night, and another happy RDM and Neo got a shiny new torque to go with his Shura Haidate+1, that he got from Byakko earlier in the night, giving him 304 Great Katana skill.

Everybody was quite happy. :-)

We also killed two Om'UFOs between ??? repops, so people should have WS gorgets in the near future.

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