Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pure Excitement?

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Exciting pic, eh?

What was behind me was a little more interesting.
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No, I haven't started camping Kings, but I did hope to catch lots of Crescent Fish (it was a Waxing Crescent moon, which is the only time they bite) and sell my assload of High Breath Mantles. I ended up getting insane skill ups more than two levels in two hours. I left when the dragon finally popped and the people fighting it pointed it's fiery breath'o'death in my small fishing perch's direction.

Jerks didn't buy any HBMs, but I did have a little fun bullshitting with people in /say to the extent that anyone talked at all. I know some LSes have a no /say rule at King camps. Then again, there was a decent amount of chatter but half of it was in a german-like language and I didn't understand any of it.

I did some more ferry fishing again, and ended up getting about four levels that day to take me almost to 38 Fishing.
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Pirate ships don't look very enviromentally friendly.

Crafting subs to 60

I've been leveling Clothcraft, Bonecraft, and Woodworking to 60. I've done some farming, but mostly just buy shit from the NPCs, synth, desynth, etc until I've hit the cap on it. That's obviously not very profitable, but I'm not spending large amounts of gil on it, so I don't really care.

The practical reason for doing this is very philosophical. To have nice even blue numbers there instead of 0 or something random.

That, and I don't feel like starting to level a new job right now.

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