Thursday, March 20, 2008

What I've been up to...

I've posted a pretty long update/commentary on the patch, but no pictures for a bit. This post aims to remedy that.

The Recent FFXI Update

Here's Retrace:It looks the same as Warp except for being green and glowy instead of purple and glowy. SE went into creative overdrive for this I think.

That's my main char, Evilpaul, outside the Weaver's Guild yesterday shortly after capping Clothcraft at 60. Which means I have 2/6 non-Cooking/Fishing "subcrafts" done at 60 now.

I'm in a crappy level range for Leathercraft on Luaplive, so I haven't done much with that lately. I did get it from 52 to 52.9 with the pile of Catoblepas Hides I bought up in the past two days though. And I've gotten suggestions on another (highly profitable) recipe to help get to the mid-50s at least.

Anyway, moar pictures:Meet Dyinyinga. He/she/it is a real bastard. As it turns out, it drops the MAB+2 feet I wanted. It also turns out that it "sticks" to you if you aren't Slowed, and when it does that it gives you Amnesia and Silence. Which is really fucking obnoxious.

Its attacks have an Added Effect: Slow, so you need to get hit and then not cure the Slow status ailment to make fighting it not completely retarded. I didn't know this at the time because it only came out the day before (I thought maybe 2+ status ailments kept it from "sticking" to you afterwards), and ended up wiping to it at ~20% as NIN/DNC. When I came back there were two people killing it who didn't get the drop.

I, of course, had to run around and get the Recall-Place crystals, not that anyone uses those spells.Now that I think about it, I'm still missing the Passhow [S] one.

I thought I had other update-related pics, but they all sucked so I'm not posting them.

Dynamis - Beaucedine

Back by popular demand, Evilpaul resting MP in Dynamis!And I rested later by the Orc NM spot too!Always the most excitement at The Pie Blog™!

Limbus Solo Style!!!

I'm not very good at Limbus solo apparently.

I probably should have practiced on some Puddings first or something as I was a little rusty. I missed Limbus with Epic last night due to Comcast Cable being run by a bunch of monkeys that I assume are communist cannibals of some type. So, I decided to try Apollyon NW solo today for the LOLz.

The first Bardha killed me due to hitting me like five times in a row for a sh*t-ton of damage each time. Then I Reraised too soon and blood aggroed. I slept it, applied Reraise, and died again.

Finally, I got in the zone and killed the first Bardha, which opened the portal, then a second, which cleared plenty of kiting room for Pluto the Doomed Toad boss. The Wiki says that it has 11,000HP. Someone at the Wiki needs to go die in a fire. It had to have had more than that. I had to blow my Manafont on the first ghost to avoid dying without RR, which made the fight more difficult, but with luck:and the HP/MP chest+Manafont...I killed the bastard!

I didn't wait around with only three minutes left, so I ran to the center area where the chest pops with only three minutes left...and found it wasn't there. It dropped where Pluto died at the entrance. >.>I made it back with about 30 seconds to spare and with two Bardhas that I carelessly aggroed in tow. Two coins and...a Samurai upgrade item. No Diabolic Yarn now in ~8 months of Limbus once a week. /fume

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