Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Campaign, Assault, Merits, Solo BCNMs...

Campaign Battles!

I'm not sure where those new Campaign elements are, but I've been doing lots of Campaign as MNK/DNC lately. The decent aspect of the update was that the Allied controlled areas is that they always have supplies to give out Reraise Scrolls which makes /WHM unnecessary. So, I mostly stay in Bastok controlled ones like Grauberg.It turns out that there's a force of Goblins that can attack. The NM was hilariously weak. Suzaku's Sune-ate provided enough fire resistance to negate most of the Bomb Toss spam damage.Kaiser Behemoth showed up. I went and sat in the corner after getting fiery Meteor, near-death rained down on me for ~1,200 damage.Eurytos attacks! I'd kind of like his bow to sell it and buy BB items from the HNMLSes on Hades.

Dance Emotes are Evil

As mentioned in the rather funny Rocl talk on BG, dance /emotes are evil. Proof outside of last Friday's Dynamis - Xarcabard.We did this for about ten minutes. LOL.

Assaults! (& Salvage?)

I did a bunch of runs of that stupid worm-killing Assault of times. I took this exciting pic.Hot Galkan Ass. You know you [probably don't] like it.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan Mission 35 - Legacy of the Lost

I got mostly caught up to mission 35 at one point, before SE made mission deaths not cost you EXP, with a bunch of people who used to be in Epic. Unfortunately, they left/got kicked, and I hate organizing shit, so I've been stuck on ToAU 35 for months. So, I went to Talacca Cove to see about soloing it. A party of four got there before me, I asked, but they said they weren't doing it.I'm not sure what they were doing, but I'm thinking that was one for their 'L' column.

So, I went in to try and solo it as NIN/DNC.It turns out, Gessho has a lot in common with Diabolos.In that he can whip my ass in a pretty rapid manner.


I went to my second Cerberus fight earlier today...to watch. I'm not in a HNMLS that camps it. LOL.

I got there for the last thirty percent or so.ThePrestige LS was fighting it (formerly Legacy LS?) and didn't let any Gates of Hades, which has a hilariously long charge time, go off until 1%. But they managed to kill it.

It nearly killed me too with the combination 790 through Stoneskin damage combined with the extremely high DoT. But I'm too awesome for such things and quickly erased it. :-P

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